Традиции письменности Великого Княжества Литовского до начала XVI в.

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Традиции письменности Великого Княжества Литовского до начала XVI в
16 amžius; Biblija / Bible; Atsiminimai. Biografijos / Memories. Biographies; Kultūros paveldas / Cultural heritage.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Pranciškus Skorina; LDK raštija; Biblija; Biografija; Francysk Skaryna; Litarary history; The Bible; Biography.

ENThe discussion about the common heritage and integration of nations in the former state stimulates to re-examine the opinion on traditions of writing in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in different languages. New historical research of the Orthodox Church, the Florentine Union and its expressions in the country raised the issue of their possible influence on the book tradition of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The article aims to uncover the historical circumstances which determined writing traditions in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. There were two main writing traditions – Church Slavonic for the Orthodox and the Latin for the Catholics. The ideas of a united state church fostered the emergence and dissemination of new writings and the creation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’s own ecclesiastical books and a corpus of the lives of saints. On the boundary of 15th–16th centuries the manuscript book, by content and by design, reflected the sense of community that existed between the Lithuanian and Ruthenian nobilities. Such concept of the book, apparently, was taken over by Francysk Skaryna, whose publications had not only an Orthodox but also a Catholic orientation. The concept of the manuscript codex and the tradition of its creation have been transferred to the first print books of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. [From the publication]

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