About the project

The development of the database Lituanistika was financed by the European Union Structural Funds and State funds. Since 2006, the Research Council of Lithuanian (RCL) has prepared four projects. For the period of 2016−2021, the RCL has signed the Financing Agreement with the European Social Fund Agency (ESFA) and implemented the project “The Development of the Database Lituanistika” (09.3.3-ESFA-V-711-01-0002). The project was implemented under the implementing measure “Strengthening the Capacity of Scientists and Other Researchers” of the priority axis 9 “Educating the Society and Strengthening the Potential of Human Resources” of the Operational Programme for the European Union Funds’ Investments in 2014–2020. The need for the project was declared by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania No. 1372 of 14 November 2012 “On the Approval of Directions of the Lithuanian Studies Research Development 2012-2020” and the order of the Minister of Education and Research of the Republic of Lithuania No. V-395 of 10 May 2013 “On the Approval of the Plan of the Implementation Measures for Directions of the Lithuanian Studies Research Development 2012−2020”.

In the above-mentioned documents, a strategic priority is given to the Lithuanian research and studies, which address the key challenges related to the development of the national identity and the development of the nation; emphasize the factor contributing to the quality of the Lithuanian research, i.e. an effective system of peer review of scientific works, clarification of evaluation criteria, and highly qualified experts. Emphasis is also placed on modern infrastructure: the dissemination of data by modern means and a well-functioning open access database, which ensures opportunities for Lithuanian material to enter into a national and international academic space, the international dissemination of research results and a wider international and national visibility for authors of research.

Project objectives: