Rašybos variantiškumo astrologijos terminijoje priežastys

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Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Rašybos variantiškumo astrologijos terminijoje priežastys
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Reasons of orthographic variation in astrological terminology
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Terminologija. 2022, 29, p. 94-119
Astrologija; Kodifikavimas; Rašyba. Skyryba. Ortografija / Spelling. Punctation. Orthography; Terminija / Terminology; Variantiškumas; Žodžių daryba. Žodžio dalys / Word formation. Parts of a word.
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LTNors terminų sinonimiją ir variantiškumą lietuvių terminologijos darbuose įprasta skirti, pastarąjį siejant su terminų raiškos skirtumais, šiuos du reiškinius lemiančios priežastys dažnai tapatinamos arba jų skirtumai neryškinami. Daugiau minimos sinonimijos priežastys. Šiame straipsnyje sutelkiamas dėmesys į rašybos variantiškumo astrologijos terminijoje priežastis. Darbas grindžiamas interneto svetainėse skelbiamais tekstais. Esminiai žodžiai: variantiškumas, rašybos variantai, kodifikuotosios normos, astrologija. [Iš leidinio]

ENAlthough term variation is distinguished from synonymy in works on Lithuanian terminology, their causes are often mentioned as common. Most often, the prevalence of synonyms and variants is used to determine the formation stage of terminology. However, from the point of view of variation, one often examines the earlier periods, when the terminology was still in the process of formation. This article focuses on the current terminology that is used in online sites and examines one of the types of term variation – the orthographic variation. The astrology sites chosen as a research resource highlight several key aspects of orthographic variation. In online texts, the norms of standard language are not necessarily followed, and this medium is often characterised by spelling, punctuation, and proofreading errors and carelessness in expression, therefore some instances of spelling in astrology websites can be explained by the characteristics of the use of language in this space. An earlier study on synonymy based on the same astrology sites revealed that the terms used in this space are characterised by relatively similar tendencies in terms of synonymy. In this paper, the similarity of the cases of orthographic variation emerges, although in terms of adherence to spelling rules and attention to expression, the twelve researched sources are quite different. Comparing the instances of spelling variants with the codified spelling rules encourages us to pay attention to such a reason for orthographic variation as codification-related uncertainties. Keywords: variation, orthographic variation, codification, astrology. [From the publication]

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