Šiuolaikiniai metodai kalbos naujovėms tirti

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Šiuolaikiniai metodai kalbos naujovėms tirti
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Corpus-based approach to neology
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Darbai ir dienos [Deeds and Days]. 2000, t. 24, p. 65-73. Tekstynų lingvistika
Leksika. Kalbos žodynas / Lexicon; Žodžių daryba. Žodžio dalys / Word formation. Parts of a word.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Hibridai; Leksikologija; Lietuvių kalbos neologizmai; Neologija; Neologija ir tekstynų lingvistika; Neologizmai; Hybrids; Lexicology; Lithuanian neologisms; Neologism; Neology; Neology in corpus linguistics.

ENThe paper deals with the problem of neology that can be solved only with the help of corpus linguistics. Until the advent of corpora and tools for their processing research in the field of neology was mainly based on intuitive methods. It is only now that neologisms can be investigated on a more objective basis using special tools for their detection. Lithuanian neologisms for this specific research were taken from the corpus of 30 million words (press materials from the period of 1994-1997), compiled at Vytautas Magnus University. A special program was design for their identification and the main criterion of the 'novelty' of a word was its previous inclusion/non-inclusion into the existing Lithuanian dictionaries. The Lithuanian neologisms were investigated from the point of view their origin. The paper deals with one class of neologisms - hybrids, which form 18% of all the list. From the point of view of their formation most of them are compounds (ca 60%), others are derivatives. [text from author]

1392-0588; 2335-8769
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