XVII-XVIII a. LDK kultinių atvaizdų sklaida: vizitacijų duomenys

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Straipsnis / Article
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XVII-XVIII a. LDK kultinių atvaizdų sklaida: vizitacijų duomenys
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Spread of cult images in the 17-18th с in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: canonical visitations' data
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Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis [AAAV]. 2013, t. 69, p. 23-46. Kultiniai atvaizdai Lietuvos Didžiojoje Kunigaikštystėje: importas ir sklaida
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Kultinis atvaizdas; Kopija; Paveikslų reprezentavimas; Recepcija; Votai; Cult image; Copy; Representation of paintings; Reception; Votives.
Kopija; Kultinis atvaizdas; Paveikslų reprezentavimas; Recepcija; Votai.
Copy; Cult image; Reception; Representation of paintings; Votives.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjama kultinių atvaizdų sklaida remiantis XVII-XVIII a. katalikų bažnyčių ir unitų cerkvių vizitacijų aprašymais. Aiškinama, kaip juose reprezentuojami kultiniai atvaizdai ir jų kilmė. Gretinami skirtingo laiko, regiono ir bendruomenių (katalikų ir unitų) atvaizdų reprezentavimo ypatumai. Atskleidžiamas garsių kultinių atvaizdų kopijų plitimas, išryškinami skirtinguose LDK regionuose labiausiai gerbti atvaizdai. [Iš leidinio]

ENArticle focuses on the spread and functions of cult images according to descriptions of canonical visitations to the Catholic and Uniate Churches in the 17-18th c. It analyses the representation of cult images and also the descriptions of their surroundings that highlighted cult status of paintings. Comparing sources from different time periods and confessions, the relations between different cultures and confessions prevalent in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as GDL) become evident. Moreover, the purpose of images, their valuation and the mechanics of control come to light. The links between the origin of images and their cult status are researched. The visitations fleetingly reveal the occurrences of image import. In the first half of the 17th c. the import of Moscow icons was an ongoing process in the GDL. The images of Italian origin are rarely recorded. There is a certain link between ancient origin of icon and its cult status in the visitations of the Uniate Church, but the link between import and cult status is rarely mentioned. Some cases in respect to images from Moscow or Italy are recorded. However, the origin of most of the respected images is not mentioned, although it is most likely to be local. The descriptions of the visitations reveal the spread of famous cult image copies and pinpoint the most respected images. The most popular copies were of the Częstochowa Virgin Mary image.Some of them were housed in the Uniate Churches in Podlasie and are described in the article. Just like in the rest of Europe, in the GDL the images of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Loreto and Santa Maria Maggiore were popular as were the local cult images of the GDL as well. Visitations point to the geographic spread of miraculous images and allow the creation of detailed maps of cult images and their copies. The sources analysed recount the dynamics and scope of image cult in the 17-18th c. in the GDL. [From the publication]

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