Terminas kontekste (žodžių junginio lygmuo)

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Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Terminas kontekste (žodžių junginio lygmuo)
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"Terminas" in context (the level of word phrases)
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Terminologija. 2016, 23, p. 73-104
Terminas; Kontekstas; Žodžių junginys; Tekstynas; Mokslo kalba; Semantiniai santykiai.
Terminology; Terms.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article analyses usage of the main term of terminology terminas ‘term’ in academic Lithuanian. The material for the research has been extracted from the Corpus of Academic Lithuanian (available at http://coralit.lt/). The article deals with the usage of the term terminas at the level of word phrases, syntagmatic relations of terminas are investigated. Semantic types of phrases with terminas and the main usage models of terminas are identified. The aim is to clarify what characteristics and features of the concept ‘term’ are explicit in the context. [...] The analysis of objective phrases shows that term is the object of usage and the instrument (of nomination, speaking, expression, marking etc.), it is being sought, found, taken, given, brought into some space and eliminated from it, and in space something is being done or happens with it. Term is an object of linguistic activities and perception, also a receiver, a result, base for comparison, content of quantity and part of a whole. Term as a subject exists or not, means and marks, also performs processes related to linguistic activities, moves in some direction, takes particular place in space. It has something (or not), covers, fits, as well as undergoes various other states, is something or of some sort. [From the publication]

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