Tautinio tapatumo žadinimas - pedagogo misijos šerdis (metodologinis aspektas)

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Straipsnis / Article
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Tautinio tapatumo žadinimas - pedagogo misijos šerdis (metodologinis aspektas)
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Evocation of national identity as the core of the mission of teacher: methodological aspect
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Pedagogika. 2012, 108, p. 64-70
Tapatumas; Tautinis tapatumas; Globalizacija; Mokytojo misija.
Identity; National identity; Globalisation; Mission of teacher.
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LTStraipsnyje aptariama tapatumo, išryškėjančio dėl refleksyvios sąmonės funkcijos, samprata, kuri siejama su egzistenciniais žmogaus kaip asmens būties pamatais. Atskleidžiama tautinio tapatumo esmė, transformacijos dabarties pasaulyje, ryšiai su morale, jo (tautinio tapatumo) ugdymo(si) aktualumas globalizacijos sąlygomis. Taip pat apibrėžiama mokytojo misijos ir tautinio ugdymo(si) gelminės sąsajos, pateikiama šiuolaikinių mokytojų požiūriai į pedagogo misiją, jo vaidmenį valstybės gyvenime. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article discusses the conception of identity revealing itself through the function of reflexive consciousness, which is linked to existential foundations of human being that satisfy the internal need to be oneself, to distinguish oneself amongst others on the basis of own biography and to construct meanings. The search for identity enhances particularly in adolescence and continues lifelong. The national identity as an objective collective identity created from generation to generation, which embodies the expression of humanity of the nation through purified and time-tested forms. The national identity is perceived as an essential guarantee of individual‘s becoming, which is based on existential values that surpass challenges of globalisation, though they go through various transformations. The idea is raised that development of national identity at school is a topical problem because manifestations of inhumanity is acquiring a greater extent and the work of a teacher is associated with provision of services rather than with vocation. The attitude of teachers to spiritual values is superficial. Therefore, in current situation it is very important to envisage the methodological origins of teacher‘s mission and national identity understanding that the values of subsistence derive not from the national spirit but through the latter the values manifest themselves in the most appropriate form, do not contradistinguish the variety of national expressions but presuppose appropriate conditions for their spread. The mission of teacher is of particular importance from this point of view. [From the publication]

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