Лексикографические источники большого Словаря литовского языка и Альбертина

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Лексикографические источники большого Словаря литовского языка и Альбертина
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Lexicographic sources of the great "Lithuanian dictionary" and Albertina
Leksikografija / Lexicography.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Albertina; Leksikografija; Leksikografiniai šaltiniai; Mažoji Lietuva; Prūsijos Lietuva; Žodynai; Albertina; Albertina, Prussian Lithuania; Dictionaries; Lexicographic source; Lexicography; Lithuania Minor; Lithuanian.

ENThe publication of the great "Lithuanian Dictionary" (Vol. 1-20, 1941-2002) came to an end in 2002. In 2005, the electronic version of this dictionary, which is now available online (www.lkz.lt), was produced. In 2010, the second revised edition was published in CD format. Twenty volumes of the great "Lithuanian Dictionary" cover lexis from the written sources of the Lithuanian language since the publication of the first Lithuanian book in 1547 to 2001. They also include the examples of the living language, i.e. dialects, being collected since 1920. The dictionary was compiled from approximately 1000 sources in total, half of which were subdialects that served to collect the examples of the living language. The article provides information about the lexicographic sources of the dictionary that reveal historical, cultural and scholarly relations between Lithuania and Prussian Lithuania. These sources include dictionaries, grammars, various linguistic works, religious and secular texts and reflect the nature of Lithuanian written culture and philology during the period of the University of Königsberg till the Second World War. [From the publication]

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