Skolintų ir lietuviškų ekonomikos terminų konkurencija

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Straipsnis / Article
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Skolintų ir lietuviškų ekonomikos terminų konkurencija
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Competition of borrowed and Lithuanian terms of economics
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Terminologija. 2015, 22, p. 98-109
Konkurencija; Terminų sinonimija; Variantiškumas; Ekonomikos terminai.
Synonymy of terms; Terminology; Borrowed term.
Summary / Abstract:

ENIn Lithuanian linguistics the competition of language means is viewed as a dynamic phenomenon: one variant takes root in common usage replacing another, sometimes non-standard variant. Terminology usually deals with synonymy of terms. Synonymy is a particular feature of the initial stages of development of terminological sub-systems when the most suitable term for naming a concept of science has not been chosen yet and there are a few competing variants of one name in the language of science. Synonymous terms are variants with competitive relations. In terminology ordering the usage is usually not the most important factor determining the establishment of a particular synonym. Terminography, terminology standardization and some tendencies of the language politics can also have a role in this process. Some synonymous terms are obviously competing in Lithuanian terminology of economics. There is a persistent competition between some borrowed terms (e.g. marketingas (marketing)) and their Lithuanian equivalents (rinkodara). Lithuanian names of banking transactions (ateities sandoris (future), išankstinis sandoris (forward), pasirinkimo sandoris (option)) but not variants from other languages (fjučeris, forvardas, opcionas) were established not only in dictionaries but also in common usage despite of their quite narrow and specific field. It is difficult to replace a borrowed term with a Lithuanian one when the Lithuanian term is already known in other fields: akceleratorius / greitiklis (accelerator), daugiklis / multiplikatorius (multiplier). One of the reasons why some borrowed terms of economics and their Lithuanian equivalents are still competing after decades is the lack of both appropriate ordering and extensive original dictionary with definitions. Persistent competition between synonymous terms is a permanent state of terminology, because new concepts keep appearing and they need the most suitable terms for naming them. [From the publication]

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