Lietuvių identiteto kaita vykstant emigracijai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Lietuvių identiteto kaita vykstant emigracijai
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Lithuanian identity changes during emigration
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Visuomenės saugumas ir viešoji tvarka [Public security and public order]. 2013, 9, p. 285-297
Portugalija (Portugal); Suomija (Finland); Švedija (Sweden); Lietuva (Lithuania); Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity; Migracija / Migration.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje analizuojamas lietuvių tautinis identitetas, identiteto ir migracijos sąsajos, identiteto kaita vykstant emigracijai. Tautinio identiteto klausimas yra svarbus ne tik emigracijoje esantiems žmonėms, jis svarbus ir gimtinėje gyvenantiems, todėl tai tampa aktualia moksline problema, nebeapsiribojančia viena mokslų kryptimi. Atliktas kiekybinis tyrimas, apklausiant lietuvius, gyvenančius Lietuvoje ir užsienyje, kurio metu tirta identiteto kaita. Tyrimu nustatyta, kad tautinis identitetas kinta emigravus: kinta kalba, tradicijos, sustiprinamas negatyvus požiūris apie Lietuvą, kinta požiūris į šeimą, draugus. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Emigracija; Emigracija, identitetas, tautiškumas, lietuviai, kaita; Identitetas; Kaita; Lietuviai; Tautiškumas; Change; Emigration; Emigration, identity, nationality, Lithuanian, change; Identity; IdentityNationality; Lithuanian; Nationality.

ENWhen we are talking about emigration, we can say that this process can be evaluated in positive (new experience, new market, and understanding new cultures) and negative (lack of work force, reduced demographical situation in small countries) sides. The progress of science and technologies stimulated social, economic, cultural and political changes and globalization process also has impact on free movement of people- in another word- has impact on emigration. We can see that emigration process in Lithuania still has very large extent. Lithuania is small country, so big emigration has big influence on Lithuania future. It is very important to mention that changes in this field there are not only evaluating lack of work force, but the biggest problem is mentality changes. So discuss and evaluate emigration process is important not only in science, but also and practice. The article analyzes national Lithuanian identity taking in mind emigration process. It is very important and interesting to evaluate what kind of identity changes see Lithuanian inhabitants who live in Lithuania and abroad. Are there some differences or similarities when they evaluate changes in identity? The research was done and respondents were questioned about national identity when there is emigration process. 532 persons were questioned whom lived in Lithuania and abroad (respondents were questioned from USA, Great Britain, Finland, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Portugal). The results show that all respondents see changes in Lithuanian identity. The biggest changes they see that younger Lithuanian (who were born in foreign countries) don’t want to speak in Lithuanian, they don’t feel identity with Lithuania, traditions. Also there are problems with double citizenship. How were mentioned in one research that possibility to get Lithuanian passport it is more emotional tie with Lithuania neither practical use.The aim of this paper – to do research about Lithuanian identity taking in mind emigration process. The object of study – Lithuanian identity. Used methods – the analysis of scientific articles, questionnaire, SPPS methodology. [From the publication]

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