Bendrojo lavinimo mokyklos, kaip besimokančios organizacijos, veiklos charakteristikos teorinis pagrindimas

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Bendrojo lavinimo mokyklos, kaip besimokančios organizacijos, veiklos charakteristikos teorinis pagrindimas
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School as learning organisation and sub-stantiation of characteristic of its activity
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2002, Nr. 1 (18), p. 95-105
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Besimokanti mokykla; Besimokanti organizacija; Mokymasis; Learning; Learning organisation; Learning school; School that learns.
Besimokanti organizacija; Mokykla / School; Mokymas. Mokymasis. Didaktika / Teaching. Learning. Didactics.
Learning organisation; Learning school; School that learns.
Summary / Abstract:

LTBesimokanti organizacija (ВО) yra šių dienų fenomenas. XXI a. pradžioje mokymasis tampa esminiu individo sėkmingos karjeros, organizacijos išlikimo bei nacionalinės gerovės veiksniu, todėl nebegalima mokymosi sieti tik su keliomis specialiomis institucijomis ar vienu gyvenimo periodu Mokymasis tampa kiekvieno individo ir organizacijos siekiu bei nuolatiniu procesu. Ir mokykla turi tapti besimokančia organizacija. Straipsnyje ši problema formuluojama šiais klausimais: kokie yra besimokančios organizacijos ir mokyklos, kaip besimokančios organizacijos, sampratų skirtumai; kokiais bruožais pasižymi besimokanti mokykla besimokančios organizacijos kontekste; ar besimokančiai mokyklai tinka besimokančios organizacijos bruožai, ar jie yra specifiniai? Straipsnį sudaro dvi dalys. Pirmojoje analizuojama besimokančios organizacijos samprata, išskiriamos pagrindinės sudedamosios, kuriomis remiantis formuluojamas besimokančios mokyklos apibrėžimas ir analizuojamos besimokančios organizacijos charakteristikos mokyklos veikloje. Antrojoje dalyje, remiantis besimokančios organizacijos bruožais, formuluojami bendrieji besimokančios organizacijos bruožai ir teoriškai pagrindžiama besimokančios mokyklos veiklos charakteristika. [Iš leidinio]

ENLearning organisation (LO) is contemporary phenomenon. In the age of informational technologies learning and work become the synonyms: learning itself beans the meaning of a new work form, the conditions and prerequisite of productive activity, work is understood as a constant learning situation. Learning is the essential factor for individuals successful career, organisation survival and national welfare. That is why learning is not related to some special institutions or one particular period of human life. Nowadays learning has to be carried constantly as everybody's efforts and existence, both on individual and organisation level. Schools are increasingly looking to the world outside education for models systems and structures that will help them to respond more effectively to constant pressure and demands for change. One such approach is to create an organisation that values and encourages learning. For schools, becoming a learning organisation requires teachers to have confidence in their professional skills and to examine and develop critically the way they learn and lead as individuals, within teams and as whole organisations It will help them to become proactive rather than reactive and to regain their sense of control. So what is a learning organisation and how can a school become one?. [From the publication]

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