Socialiai atsiribojusių mokinių įgalinimo modelio bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje efektyvumas : sociometrinio statuso pokytis

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Straipsnis / Article
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Socialiai atsiribojusių mokinių įgalinimo modelio bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje efektyvumas: sociometrinio statuso pokytis
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Effectiveness of the model of empowerment of the social withdrawn pupils: the change of sociometric status
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Socialiai atsiriboję; Socialinis atsiribojimas; Sociaometrinis testas; Sociometrinis testas; Įgalinimo modelis.
Model of empowerment; Social withdrawal; Sociometric test.
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LTStraipsnyje pristatomas socialiai atsiribojusių mokinių (toliau SAM) įgalinimo bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje teorinis modelis ir jo įgyvendinimas, siekiama įvertinti įgalinimo modelio efektyvumą, atskleidžiant SAM sociometrinio satuso kaitą šio modelio įgyvendinimo metu. Atskleidžiamos SAM įgalinimo bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje galimybės, pabrėžiant šių mokinių ryšio su tėvais bei bendraamžiais stiprinimą. Aptarus SAM įgalinimo galimybes bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje ir pristačius SAM įgalinimo modelį, daugiausia dėmesio sutelkiama į SAM sociometrinio statuso pokyčio įvertinimą, siekiant empiriškai tai tirti, atliekant sociometrinį testą pagal mokymosi, draugystės, laisvalaikio ir pasitikėjimo kriterijus prieš SAM įgalinimo modelio įgyvendinimą ir po modelio įgyvendinimo mokinių klasėse, kuriose mokosi SAM. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe goal of the paper is to investigate the model of empowerment of the social withdrawn pupils (further SWP) and to assess the effectiveness of this model on the change of the sociometric status of SWP. The possibilities of social empowerment for SWP at school are investigated in this article. The relationships with the parents and the peer are emphasized as determinant of empowerment process. Social educators and special psychologic-pedagogic teams should initiate social empowerment programs for socially withdrawn pupils. Scholl subject teachers should be involved to this process also. Class, group of peers have the main lineaments of community and also have the bigest importance in citizenship education and social empowerment of socially withdrawn pupils. Socially active classmates can be useful participants in the process of social empowerment of socially withdrawn pupils. Social educators and teachers must take care, however, to properly prepare socially active classmates for proper participation in this process. The school, as well as friendship with their contemporaries, is very important for schoolchildren. The process of socialization (the opposite of social withdrawal) during the school years actually is a complete impact of the environment on a child giving him/her an opportunity to fully indulge into the life of society.After presenting the conceptions of the possibilities of social empowerment at school and the model of empowerment, the attention was focussed on the assessing of the change of sociometric status of SWP. Research data indicates, that the model of empowerment of the social withdrawn pupils is effective and has the influence on the change of sociometric status of SWP only then, when all of the participants of empowerment process are in active attendance and voluntary partake in this process. [From the publication]

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