Ikimokyklinio ugdymo pedagogų pedagoginio pašaukimo kitimas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Ikimokyklinio ugdymo pedagogų pedagoginio pašaukimo kitimas
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Alteration of pedagogic mission of preschool educators
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Pedagogika. 2009, 95, p. 68-75
Mokytojų ugdymas / Teacher education; Motyvacija ugdyme / Motivation in education; Pedagogika / Pedagogy.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojamas ikimokyklinio ugdymo pedagogų pedagoginio pašaukimo kitimas, apžvelgiant visus pedagoginio pašaukimo struktūrinius elementus: motyvaciją, potenciją, charakterį. Palyginus esamų ir būsimų ikimokyklinio ugdymo pedagogų pedagoginį pašaukimą, nustatyta, kad būsimieji pedagogai dar tik kuria savo pedagoginį pašaukimą, be to, daugelis šią profesiją yra pasirinkę atsitiktinai. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Pedagoginis pašaukimas; Motyvacija; Potencija; Charakteris; Pedagogical mission; Motivation; Potency; Nature.

ENTeacher's profession is from the earliest times related to the mission, and numerous authors have delineated this topic. Every of them describes the mission, and in relation to the pedagogue's profession — the pedagogical mission — differently. The pedagogue, stepping along the way of his mission, is awaited by everyone: from our smallest people in kindergartens to their parents, all nation and society. Need for good pedagogues devoted to their mission is especially perceptible nowadays, when parents are always busy and have no time for their tots. Most likely, this need will remain in future as well. Objective of this paper is to reveal and compare a pedagogic mission of present and forthcoming pre-school educators. A few research methods (triangulation) have been used in pursue of reaching this objective: J . Holland test „Professional orientation type test", questionnaire survey, essay „My pedagogic autobiography (vision)", content analysis. 60 students of pre-school education specialty and 58 pre-school educators participated in this research on voluntary basis. Total 118 responds. The research was based on the concept of pedagogic mission by L. Jovaiša. Pedagogic mission is combination of motivation, potential and characteristics of individual's features, which enables a person to choose educational work, to feel satisfaction with the results of his / her work and the meaning of life. All the structural parts of pedagogic avocation (motivation, potential and character) have been analyzed.The research hypothesis was confirmed. It has been determined, that only 13,79 percent of present educators and only 5,00 percent of forthcoming educators claim educational work to be their mission, i. e. their self-awareness, expressed as cognition of oneself as an educator, positive relation with this profession, feeling of fitness for the profession of educator and self-realization. During the analysis of particular structural elements of pedagogic mission, it has been determined that more clearly expressed structural elements of pedagogic mission are characteristic to present educators. Motivation and potential for pedagogic mission are more characteristic to present educators, while forthcoming educators are distinguished by individual characteristics. Furthermore it has been determined that forthcoming pre-school educators often choose this profession not because of their „love for children" or „feeling avocation", but accident-tally or due to certain circumstances. [From the publication]

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