Professional purposefulness of the students of technologies education

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Professional purposefulness of the students of technologies education
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Rural environment. Education. Personality [REEP]. 2016, 9, p. 247-254. Proceedings of the 9th international scientific conference
Aukštasis mokslas; Pedagoginė praktika; Profesinis apsisprendimas; Profesinis darbas; Profesinis tikslingumas; Technologinis ugdymas.
Higher education; Pedagogical placement; Professional purposfulness; Professional self-determination; Technologies education.
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ENThe article analyses the characteristics of the professional purposefulness of the students of technologies education of the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and the change of professional purposefulness during their studies. The quantitative and qualitative study was conducted in 2013. The results of the study revealed that almost half of the interviewees have the vision of the future career which they link to the work of a technologies education and point out that they had a disposition to work as a teacher. The students of technologies education choose pedagogical studies for different motives, however, with an eye to pedagogical work. Only one fifth of the students do not have the vision of their future career, and approximately half of all the informants link their career to a teacher's work. After their student placement the majority of students are determined to work or not to work as a teacher. It has been established that pedagogical placement is one of the essential factors determening the pedagogical professional purposfulness of the students of technologies education. [From the publication]

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