When culture fails: coping with cultural trauma

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When culture fails: coping with cultural trauma
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Journal of analytical psychology. 2019, 64, 4, p. 530-547
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Atsparumas; Išgyvenusieji politinę represiją; Kultūrinis kompleksas; Kultūrinė trauma; Politines represijas išgyvenę žmonės; Represijas išgyvenusieji asmenys; Sovietinė patirtis; Sovietmečio patirtis; Susidorojimas; Tarpgeneracinis traumų perdavimas; Traumos perdavimas tarp kartų; Traumų perdavimas iš vienos kartos į kitą; Įveika; Įveikimo strategijos; Coping; Cultural complex; Cultural trauma; Intergenerational transmission of trauma; Resilience; Soviet experience; Survivors of political repression.

ENThe research into the phenomenon of cultural trauma is growing as the effects of historical transformations are recognized and analysed. The concept of cultural trauma and the analytic concept of the cultural complex is a suitable theoretical approach for this research. The Lithuanian experience of cultural trauma after the historical shifts indicates the importance of the interplay between societal and individual factors in coping with trauma. Academic psychotraumatological studies carried out at Vilnius University indicate a stronger traumatic experience by people who are survivors of direct political repression and even intergenerational transmission of trauma, but this group also seems to demonstrate an intergenerational transmission of resilience. Paradoxically, from a long-term perspective, the victims of direct repression seem to have suffered less than the people who accommodated to the regime, and this applies also to their offspring. Analysis in terms of overcoming cultural trauma indicates that society is gradually integrating historic traumatic experiences, although a healthy cultural identity has not yet been restored. [From the publication]

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