Kas mūsų tyko: nusikaltimo metafora politikos ir sveikatos diskursuose

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Kas mūsų tyko: nusikaltimo metafora politikos ir sveikatos diskursuose
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What lies in wait for us: crime metaphor in political and health discourse
In the Journal:
Vārds un tā pētišanas aspekti. 2018, 22 (1/2), p. 148-158
Diskursas; Konceptualiosios metaforos; Komunikacinė konceptualios metaforos funkcija; Politikos diskursas; Sveikatos diskursas.
Discourse; Conceptual metaphors; Communicative function of conceptual metaphor; Political discourse; Health discourse.
Summary / Abstract:

LT[...] Straipsnio tikslas - palyginti, kaip Lietuvos viešuosiuose politikos ir sveikatos diskursuose aktualizuojama nusikaltimo metafora, atskleisti metaforiniuose pasakymuose koduojamos informacijos turinį. Straipsnyje pristatomo tyrimo objektas - politikos ir sveikatos diskursuose aktualizuotos nusikaltimo ir jai artima karo metaforos. Tyrimas paremtas žodynui "Konceptualiosios metaforos viešajame diskurse" surinktų pavyzdžių analize, be to, medžiaga papildyta ir metaforiniais pasakymais iš 2017 metų Lietuvos viešojo diskurso (dėmesys sutelktas į politikos ir sveikatos sritis). Pavyzdžių analizei pasitelkti konceptualiosios analizės, aprašomasis ir interpretacijos metodai. [...]. [Iš Įvado]

ENThe aim of the present article is to compare how crime metaphor is actualized in Lithuanian political and health discourse. The research is based on the analysis of examples collected for the dictionary "Conceptual Metaphors in Public Discourse", furthermore, the material is supplemented with metaphorical expressions taken from Lithuanian public discourse of 2017 (attention is focused on the areas of politics and health). In Lithuanian linguistics, political discourse is one of the areas of public discourse that draws attention of many linguists. More intensive studies of Lithuanian public discourse of health were started while implementing the project "Conceptual Metaphors in Public Discourse" financed by Research Council of Lithuania. Lithuanian linguists have not paid much attention to the comparison of actualization of conceptual metaphors in different types of public discourse. In the present article, WAR metaphor is adjoined to crime metaphor, thus, it is considered that war is a crime against humanity. One of the key concepts described in health discourse is disease concept. Crime metaphor is actualized in perceiving the process of illness as a dangerous impact on disease to society (or more precisely on a person or people). The processes of disease, illness and recovery are described by actualizing war metaphor as well. In the discourse under analysis crime metaphor is frequent, and war metaphor is an especially frequent form of crime metaphor. Crime and war metaphors are more often actualized in talking about conflict areas of reality. Politics is a more conflict-related area than the health area, therefore, the analysed metaphors are more common when talking about politics. The conceptual crime and war metaphors actualized in political discourse cover more transferred features, they are distinguished in more diverse linguistic expressions. [From the publication]

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