The Elements of organizational culture in socially responsible organizations: Lithuanian case

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The Elements of organizational culture in socially responsible organizations: Lithuanian case
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Reģionālais ziņojums. Pētījumu materiāli [Regional review. Research papers]. 2015, 11, p. 95-108
Organizacinė kultūra; Įmonės socialinė atsakomybė; Elementai; Organizacija.
Organizational culture; Corporate social responsibility; Elements; Organization.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article analyses organizational culture elements in Lithuanian corporate social organizations. The scientific problems are the inadequate attention to the importance of organizational culture in socially responsible organizations and no attempt in socially responsible organizations to strengthen the organizational culture, though it would help the organization to become more socially responsible. There is a lack of scientific research on organizational culture in this kind of organizations. This article will analyse the most frequently mentioned organizational culture elements: values, heroes, symbols, stories, rituals (ceremonies) and cultural communication network (language). For this reason, the qualitative research (document studies) in Lithuanian corporate social organizations has been done. At the moment, there are 72 corporate social organizations in Lithuania. The main criteria for choosing organizations for the survey: 1) there should be no less than 10 employees in organization; 2) organizations should be active members in CRS network; 3) organizations should have active website (internet website). After the evaluation of these criteria 44 organizations were chosen for qualitative research. The results show that most of organizational culture elements are seen in the documents of the selected organizations. Most of descriptions concern values and the history of an organization. More information about organizational cultures is presented in scientific and big organizations, rather than in small and medium enterprises. [From the publication]

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