Paauglių smurtas prieš pedagogus bendrojo ugdymo mokykloje

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Paauglių smurtas prieš pedagogus bendrojo ugdymo mokykloje
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Adolescents' violence against educators in a school of general education
Paauglių smurtas prieš pedagogus; Paauglių smurto formos ir priežastys; Paauglių smurto prieš pedagogus formos; Pasekmės pedagogams; Priežastys; Smurto pasekmės pedagogams
Adolescents violence against teachers; Causes; Consequences for educators; Consequences for pedagogues; Consequences for teachers; Forms and reason of adolescents violence; Forms of adolescent violence against teachers; Forms of violence against teachers by teenagers
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LTRemiantis mokslinės literatūros analize bei 2013-2014 m. Kauno bendrojo ugdymo mokyklų 77 pedagogų anketinės apklausos duomenimis, straipsnyje nagrinėjamos paauglių smurto prieš pedagogus formos, vietos, priežastys bei pasekmės pedagogams. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe problem of the research is that the authors of the investigation managed to find only a few studies that analysed adolescents' violence against teachers in Lithuanian schools. While analysing the scientific references on adolescents' violence against teachers, it has been observed that this phenomenon is being analyzed from different perspectives, so there is a lack of general information on the forms, locations, reasons of such violence as well as its consequences for educators. The aim of the research is to investigate the peculiarities of adolescents' violence against teachers in a school of general education. The objectives of the research are to study the forms of adolescents' violence against teachers; define the places of such violence against teachers; analyse the factors that predetermine the violence against teachers; and investigate the consequences of adolescents' violence against teachers for pedagogues. The theoretical part provides analysis of scientific references about the reasons, forms, place and time of adolescents' violence against teachers and its consequences for pedagogues. The methodology of the empirical investigation: the methods of questionnaire survey and statistical analysis of the data were used. The survey was conducted in 14 schools of general education of the city of Kaunas (7 comprehensive schools and 7 gymnasiums) in 2013-2014. The respondents included 77 pedagogues (14 social pedagogues, 2 special educators/speech therapists, and 61 teachers).The main conclusions: 1. The majority of the respondents state that they have experienced adolescents' psychological violence at school. According to the respondents, they experience learners' violence of various forms mostly in the classroom; to a lesser extent, in the school corridors; and least often in the school grounds. 2. The majority of the respondents indicate that learners' violence against teachers may be preconditioned by the following factors: learners' personal features; learners' family environment; learners' peer environment; teachers' personal features; the environment of the education institution. 3. The majority of respondents maintain that the violence imposed on a teacher can cause a wide range of negative consequences: provoke formation of negative traits of character of the teacher; provoke formation of teachers' inappropriate approach to learners and their own performance (profession); lead to health problems (psychological, somatic); and cause deterioration of teachers' relations with learners (especially perpetrators), colleagues and family members. [From the publication]

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