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Straipsnis / Article
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Šiuolaikinio mokytojo vaizdinys: mokinių požiūris
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Image of a modern teacher in pupils' perception
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Pedagogika. 2011, 101, p. 82-90
Mokytojo vaidmuo; Bendroji kultūrinė kompetencija; Profesinė pedagoginė kompetencija; Specialioji pedagoginė kompetencija.
Role of the teacher; Common cultural competence; Professional competence in teaching; Special educational competence.
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LTDabarties mokykla mokytojui kelia uždavinį ugdyti aktyvų, visapusiškai išsilavinusį žmogų, gebantį ne tik dalyvauti nuolat kintančiame visuomenės gyvenime, bet ir savarankiškai inicijuoti pokyčius. Straipsnyje analizuojami mokinių lūkesčiai dėl šiuolaikinio mokytojo kompetencijos. Tirtas mokinių idealaus mokytojo vaizdinys. Nustatyta, kad, mokinių požiūriu, ugdymo procese labiausiai paveiki yra bendroji kultūrinė mokytojo kompetencija, kurią jie atskleidžia per asmenines mokytojo savybes ir jo požiūrį į savo darbą. Mažiausiai mokiniai akcentuoja specialiąją pedagoginę kompetenciją. Labiausiai ją aktualizuoja vyriausi mokiniai, tapatindami su bendruoju mokytojo išprusimu, jo erudicija. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe importance of a teacher's professional skills, competence and personal traits for the quality of education has always been an object of scientific interest. The aim of this research is to establish traits and competences that pupils find important for a modern teacher. A qualitative analysis was carried out applying document content analysis. In order to evaluate traits and competences of a modern teacher that pupils find important, the content analysis was applied for pupils' essays. A secondary school that complies with the perception of "School for all" was selected for the research; both normally developing pupils and those with disabilities learn together at the school. Pupils of 5th to 11th forms took part in the research. The respondents were asked to produce a short essay on the topic of "A Teacher I Would Like to Follow and Whose Work Inspires". 182 essays were analysed. The content analysis of the essays brought out 1206 supporting statements referring to traits, work style and competence of teachers that pupils appreciate. The role of a teacher, as one of the main actors in a pedagogical interaction, for the quality of pupils' education is indisputable and serves as an object of interest in various scientific fields. Research carried out in a number of countries look at the phenomenon in different aspects: character traits, working styles, competences, preparation for pedagogical work etc. A concept of the 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. personality of a good teacher is almost time-resistant. Characteristics of a teacher described by scientists at the beginning of the 20th c. reveal themselves in the perception of a modern teacher by pupils at the beginning of the 21st c.Pupils emphasize three competences in their perception of a good teacher: 1) general cultural competence that they reveal by describing a teacher's character traits and attitude towards his / her work; 2) professional pedagogical competence that the pupils indicate through a teache's educational sophistication; 3) special pedagogical competence that they describe through a teacher's professional preparation. The greatest emphasis in the pupils' perception of a modern teacher falls on personal traits of a teacher. According to them, the most important ones are the following: capability to understand pupils, joyfulness and healthy sense of humour, inclination to help other people, being demanding and just, modernness and colourful personality. The youngest pupils (5th-7th forms) and the oldest ones (10th-11th forms) refer to teachers that tend to help other people, while joyful teachers with a good sense of humour appeal to pupils of the 8th-9th forms the most. The oldest pupils, when drawing a picture of a modern teacher, appreciate outstanding and colourful personalities and teachers with deep erudition in particular. The feeling of a teacher's attitude towards his / her work encourages identical reaction from pupils. The pupils' ideas on a modern teacher bring out professional pedagogical competence that is revealed through a teacher's aim to teach pupils to learn, present the educational content in a professional manner, applying various teaching methods encouraging pupils' activeness, differentiating the educational content and managing learning process. By drawing the picture of a modern teacher, the pupils reveal the special pedagogical competence that, in the pupils' perception, not only includes flawless subject knowledge but is also often identified with the teacher's general education and erudition.On the ground of this research it can be stated that professional preparation of a modern teacher requires particular focus on his / her general cultural sophistication and educational mastery. In order to train a good teacher his / her character traits (signs of optimism and openness to others, willingness to constantly improve and grow) have to be considered. [From the publication]

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