Priešdėlio da- kilmės ir taisymo motyvų klausimu

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Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Priešdėlio da- kilmės ir taisymo motyvų klausimu
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On the origin of the prefix da- and the prescriptive approaches to its use
Arealas; Bendrinė lietuvių kalba; Jonas Jablonskis; Kilmė; Preskriptyvinis tyrimas; Priešdėlio da- kilmė; Priešdėlio kodifikavimas; Priešdėlis da-; Senieji lietuviški raštai; Teritorinis paplitimas; Vartosena.
Areal; Areal features; Codification of the prefix; Jonas Jablonskis; On the origin of the prefix da-; Origin; Prefix da-; Prescriptive approaches; Standard Lithuanian language; Texts of Old Lithuanian; Usage.
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ENThe present paper focuses on the origin of the prefix da-, its use and acceptability in Lithuanian writings since the beginning of written Lithuanian (16th century). The study aims to discuss the most common arguments against theuse of the prefix, to analyse their validity and relevance inPresent- Day Lithuanian and to evaluate the role of tradition in imposing prescriptive rules. The prefix da- has been attested in the first records of Lithuanian. It has been mentioned in grammars, dictionaries and non-scientific texts. Its use and acceptability have been the object of debate since the beginning of written Lithuanian. In the literature, there aresix arguments questioning the acceptability of the prefix. However, they have not changed since the times of Jonas Jablonskis, and their validity can be challenged. [...]. [From the publication]

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