Dėl Konstantino Sirvydo "Punktų sakymų" teksto struktūros, turinio ir šaltinių

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Dėl Konstantino Sirvydo "Punktų sakymų" teksto struktūros, turinio ir šaltinių
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On Konstantinas Sirvydas’ Book of sermons "Punktai sakymų": structure, content and sources
Senieji raštai; Konstantinas Sirvydas; Pamokslai.
Old writings; Konstantinas Sirvydas; Sermons.
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ENKonstantinas Sirvydas’ book of sermons Punktai sakymų (PS), like his dictionaries, is trilingual (Lithuanian, Polish and Latin). The most important part of this book is points of sermons written in Lithuanian. The PS for the first time in history gives priority to the Lithuanian language against other languages. Different scholars have thoroughly explored the linguistic aspect of the book; however, its textological aspect so far has been largely overlooked. The paper focuses on two selected points from the book: PS I 98-104 and PS II 116-120. The analysis has shown that the text of the points consists of two main layers: K. Sirvydas’ original text and quotations. In the points, 25 quotations have been identified. They make up about a quarter of the whole text. In all the cases, K. Sirvydas quotes from the Bible and Fathers of the Church. In the data, biblical allusions have also been found. [...]. [From the publication]

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