Vaiko brandos koreguojamas ugdymo erdvės dvasingumas

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Vaiko brandos koreguojamas ugdymo erdvės dvasingumas
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Spirituality of educational space corrected by a child's maturity
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Ugdymas / Education; Vaikai / Children.
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LTNatūrali vaiko dvasinė branda prasideda nuo pirmo jo susidūrimo su aplinka. Norint skatinti šią brandą kyla klausimas, kuo pasižyminti aplinka jam yra aktuali ir kuo remdamasis jis vertina jos prasmę. Atlikus tyrimą paaiškėjo, kad vaikui aplinkos aktualumą ir ugdymo erdvės dvasingumą koreguoja jo dvasinis lankstumas, kurio individualiai suvokiamos ypatybės priklauso nuo ugdytinio prigimties, socialinės patirties ir dvasinę brandą lemiančių veiksnių sintez. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Erdvės dvasingumas; Ugdymo erdvė; Vaiko branda; Vaiko dvasinis lankstumas; Child's maturity; Child's spiritual flexibility; Educational space; Maturity of child; Spiritual flexibility of child; Spirituality of the space.

ENA child's natural spiritual maturity starts from his/her first encounter with the environment. In order to promote this maturity, the following issues arise: the relevance of the environment for the child and the way s/he assesses it. An approach is observed in the article that education must be corrected with reference to a child's psycho-physical maturity and its conforming environment, marked by the spirituality as perceived by the child him/herself. The apprehension of education as the environment, specific to a child, depends upon his/her interests, activity and the sense attached to the surrounding phenomena. It means that the guidelines of child-oriented environment assessment, the sense of his/her and adult s created space, where the personality is being matured, are important to pedagogy. Therefore, spirituality of the environment as the educational space corrected by the child's maturity is a relevant pedagogic problem. The object of the research is the spirituality of educational space corrected by the child's maturity. The goal of the research is to assess the influence of the child's maturity on the spirituality of the educational space. After the research has been conducted it turned out that a child's spiritual flexibility corrects the relevance of his/her environment and the spirituality of the educational space, whose individually perceived peculiarities depend upon the child's nature, social experience and a synthesis of environment factors determining spiritual maturity.This synthesis helps disclosing the manifestations of spiritual flexibility, which signify the alterations of the child and adults behaviour during their communication. The essential peculiarities of children's education and the spirituality of educational space corrected by the child have been disclosed in this way, and a child's intermittent spiritual flexibility is the basis of the mcaningfulncss of his/her self-dependent activity and alterations in the spirituality of the educational space. The complexity of the study induces that the spirituality of children's educational space and their development in particular are distinguished by subjectivity, a distinctive conception of the environment and assessments, which arc sometimes hard to conceive for the adults. Therefore, the spirituality of ttic educational space corrected by the child's maturity may emerge only on the grounds of delicate interpersonal relations and the educator's particular attention to children's spiritual flexibility. Hence is the possibility to promote the personality's maturity through the child education characteristic of democratic societies. [From the publication]

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