Karjeros projektavimo gebėjimų ugdymas

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Karjeros projektavimo gebėjimų ugdymas
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Ability guidance of career designing
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Studijos šiuolaikinėje visuomenėje. 2012, Nr. 3(1), p. 203-213
Karjera / Career; Kompetencijos / Competencies; Ugdymas / Education.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjami karjeros projektavimo ypatumai siekiant atskleisti karjeros projektavimo svarbą sėkmingai profesinei karjerai. Analizuojamos karjeros projektavimo ištakos ir raida Lietuvoje. Atskleidžiamas šio fenomeno sampratos daugialypiškumas. Pateikiama karjeros projektavimo struktūra bei metodologiniai principai. Sudarytas hipotetinis karjeros projektavimo kompetencijų (metakompetencijų) ugdymo modelis siekiant atskleisti pagrindines karjeros projektavimo kompetencijas bei šių kompetencijų bruožus. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Gebėjimai; Gebėjimų ugdymas; Karjera; Karjeros projektavimas; Ugdymas; Career Design, Capacity building, Career; Career designing; Cultivation; Skills.

ENCareer is understandable like the ensemble of a multifarious identity social role, which is related with an individual professional perfection and self-expression. The research problem is the multiplicity of career designing conception and that this phenomenon has been slightly analyzed Lithuania. Various career designers realize mixed, equated to career planning or vocational guidance. It is necessary to refine the concept of career designing. The object of this article is the guidance of career designing. The aim is to develop the theoretical aspects of career designing. Tasks. On the basis of theoretical aspects, to find the origin of career designing and it‘s development in Lithuania. To define the multiplicity of the concept of career designing. To make the guidance model of hypothetical career designing competences (meta-competences), according to the peculiarities of Lithuanian labour market. The research methods: the analysis of scientific literature, the content analysis of legal documents. Theoretical results define the scientific novelty of this article. The developed guidance model reveals hypothetical career designing competences (meta-competences), through which the competences of career designing are disclosed, their relationships and the appreciated importance of these competences to a successful career. The content analysis of scientific literature revealed, that the first rudiments of career designing was referable with the definition of vocational orientation. Lots of foreign and Lithuanian researchers defining the processes related it with helping in shaping an individual career, using the concept of vocational orientation. However, K. Pukelis (2003) rejected this concept and emphasized its inadequacy in his works. Instead of this concept, this author suggested to use career designing consisting of vocational guidance, career planning, the researches of a vocational career. [From the publication]

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