Reklamos teksto analizė: pragmatinės lingvistikos ir stilistikos sąveika

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Reklamos teksto analizė: pragmatinės lingvistikos ir stilistikos sąveika
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Text analysis: interaction of pragmalinguistics and stylistics
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Filologija. 2004, Nr. 9, p. 55-59
Reklama / Advertising.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Mikroaktai; Pragmatinė lingvistika; Pragmatinė stilistika; Reklama; Reklamos tekstas; Tekstas; Teksto analizė; Advertisement; Lithuanian; Microacts; Pragmalinguistics; Pragmatic stylistics; Pramatic stylistics; Publicity text; Text; Text analysis.

ENThe present paper draws text investigators' attention to a new, hybrid branch of stylistics - to pragmatic stylistics which is formed by supplementing functional stylistics with research aspects of pragmatics (pragmalinguistics) and speech act theory. The article analyses one text of advertisement from the pragmastylistics viewpoint: the text is considered to be the macro act which in turn according to the intentions is divided into micro acts (micro act of information, praising, encouragement, politeness, and others). The author of the article tries to show that pragmastylistic analysis of advertisement is more exhaustive and universal than linguistic stylistic analysis: it does not ignore the aims of text linguistics or stylistic analysis of speech expression; moreover, it exposes the practical aims, the function of persuasion, and the variety of intentions of the advertisement much better. [text from author]

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