Suaugusiųjų technologinio ugdymosi aktualijos

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Suaugusiųjų technologinio ugdymosi aktualijos
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Topical issues in technological adult education
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Suaugusiųjų mokymasis; Technologinis ugdymas; Ugdymas. technoginis ugdymas; Adult education; Adult learning; Technological education.
Mokslinis ugdymas / Scientific education; Suaugusiųjų mokymas / Adult education; Ugdymas / Education.
Technological education.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjama Vilniaus miesto suaugusių gyventojų (25–64 metų) technologinio ugdymosi aktualijos. Tiriamos suaugusiųjų technologijų mokymosi interesų sritys, mokymosi formos ir būdai, požiūris į technologijų mokymąsi. Tyrime dalyvavo 384 Vilniaus miesto suaugusieji gyventojai, kurių amžius 25–64 metai. Pasirinktas sluoksniuotas (tipinis) tikimybinis tiriamųjų grupių parinkimo būdas. [Iš leidinio]

ENRelevance. Due to rapid technological progress and development of information society, a transformation occurs in adult learning that challenges opportunities available through technology that give comprehensive and creative solutions to problems. Since the continuous technological education situation in Lithuania has not been researched extensively, this study seeks to improve and expand current knowledge about the needs of adults with emphasis on what, how and why adults want to learn about technology and what are their reasons and possible obstacles. Study. To determine Vilnius adult population's (25–64 years) technology learning needs in the context of lifelong learning. Objectives: 1) to examine areas of interest for adults in learning technology 2) to establish adult learning techniques and methods 3) to reveal adult approach to learning of technology. The object of the research - the needs of adult Vilnius population (25–64 year old people) for technological learning. Methods: literature and document analysis, empirical research – a survey (N = 384).According to the survey results, following conclusions were formulated: 1. Examination of the areas of interest for the adult population determined a particularly heightened interest in design and supply, and the least popular area was leather processing. Adult learning interests in the field of technology are most commonly associated with the improvement of already available skills, as most women want to study applied arts, knitting and textile technology, and most men opt for mechanical repairs, woodworking, construction and metal processing. The majority of respondents link the learning of technologies to information and communication technology management, and only the minority wishes to develop entrepreneurial skills or to learn about ecological culture. 2. Examination of the forms and methods of learning shows that adults generally prefer informal education of technology, especially learning from experience, and the need of it increases with age. A little more rarely the respondents tend to learn informally, attending various courses, and the least people want to study formally, at the universities and colleges, and this need has a tendency to decrease with age. 3. Examination of adult approach to learning determined that active participation in the technological education is mostly personal (to meet the need of self-expression) but not cultural (to get familiar with traditional crafts), professional (to acquire and improve professional skills or to change one's profession), social (to satisfy the need for communication), or civil (interest in technological change in order to share acquired experience with the general public in various ways). [From the publication]

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