Psichologiniai lietuvių etninio savitumo vertinimai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Psichologiniai lietuvių etninio savitumo vertinimai
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Psychological evaluation of Lithuanian ethnic distinction
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2011, Nr. 3 (56), p. 29-43
Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity.
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LTAtkūrus Lietuvos nepriklausomybę šalies mokslininkų susidomėjimas tautos etninio savitumo psichologiniais aspektais pastebimai išaugo. Paskelbta publikacijų, kuriose apibendrinami tarpukario ir ankstesnių laikų autorių požiūriai į lietuvių psichologinius ypatumus. Tačiau po Antrojo pasaulinio karo atlikti šios tematikos lietuvių mokslininkų darbai apibendrinančios analizės dar nesulaukė. Šiuo straipsniu siekiama išanalizuoti svarbiausius po Antrojo pasaulinio karo paskelbtus išeivijos bei Lietuvos mokslininkų tyrimus, skirtus lietuvių etninio savitumo psichologiniams vertinimams. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Etninis savitumas; Etninis savitumas, etnopsichologija, psichologiniai vertinimai, tautinis charakteris; Etnopsichologija; Psichologiniai vertinimai; Tautinis charakteris; Ethnic distinction; Ethnic distinction, ethno-psychology, psychological evaluation, national character; Ethno-psychology; National character; Psychological evaluation.

ENThe article analyzes works of emigration and local researchers about psychological evaluation of Lithuanian ethnic distinction. Development of ethno-psychology suggests that in particular periods psychological evaluation of ethnic distinction used to be active, whereas sometimes it was flagging. A close relation between ethno-psychology and political processes appears to be one of major reasons, preconditioning this salutatory evolution. Psychological evaluation of ethnic distinction always used to be a handy material for ideological manipulations. Whenever political priorities are taken over ideologies, advocating for national similarities or even their wedding, emphasis on ethnic distinction is unacceptable. In that situation education, scientific institutions and mass media are induced to obey political correctness, thus avoiding provocation of ethno-centrism or even chauvinism. However, realia of modern life suggest that absence in scientific discussions of topics, related to psychological distinctions among nations, does not help to avoid social-political confrontations, emerging on ethnic basis. Most of ethno-psychological researches in Lithuania and elsewhere had been performed by philosophers, sociologists and ethnologists, but not by psychologists. In Soviet times topics, related to psychological distinctions of nations, were eliminated from open academic discussions, as they used to be treated as an expression of ideologically perverse and dangerous nationalism. In the meantime scientific interest in above issues among emigration researchers did not disappear.Largest contribution of emigration researchers into research of Lithuanian psychological distinction belongs to philosopher J. Girnius, sociologist V. Kavolis and ethnologist V J. Bagdanavičius. Their works helped to grant succession of ethnopsychological researches, started in interwar period. Above researchers were following different methodologies. This predetermined different results of their researches. J. Girnius and V. J. Bagdanavičius proved that psychological evaluation of Lithuanian ethnic distinction can assist in nurturance of national self-respect. Researches of V. Kavolis were stimulating formation of self-critic towards peculiarities of national character, which was forming for centuries. After beginning of national revival interest of national researchers in ethnic distinction related topics again began showing itself openly. In summary: works in evaluation of psychological ethnic distinction of Lithuanians after 1991 very often emphasize negative and positive features of Lithuanian character. In recent years Lithuanian researchers are actively joining transnational researches, based on modern methodologies and planned for evaluation of links between ethnic dependence and personal properties. It enables to go deeper into these links and prognosticate changes in national self-consciousness under recent conditions. [From the publication]

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