Šeimų, auginančių neįgalius vaikus, vidinio ir socialinio gyvenimo pokyčiai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Šeimų, auginančių neįgalius vaikus, vidinio ir socialinio gyvenimo pokyčiai
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Changes of inner and social life of the families that raise disabled children
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Socialinis darbas [Social Work]. 2011, t. 10, Nr. 1, p. 20-26
Socialiniai pokyčiai; Vaiko negalia; Vidinio gyvenimo pokyčiai; Šeima, auginanti neįgalų vaiką.
Changes of inner life; Child disability; Family that raises a disabled child; Social changes.
Summary / Abstract:

LTNeįgalaus vaiko gimimas sukelia stresinę situaciją šeimai, dėl to joje vyksta vidinio ir socialinio gyvenimo pokyčiai. Tai lemia šeimos, auginančios neįgalų vaiką, egzistencines problemas. Straipsnyje siekiama atsakyti į šiuos probleminius klausimus: kokie vidinio gyvenimo pokyčiai būdingi šeimoms, auginančioms neįgalų vaiką; kaip neįgalaus vaiko gimimas šeimoje veikia jos socialinę poziciją; kokie išgyvenimai ir patirtys stiprina šeimą. Atlikus kokybinį tyrimą, apibrėžtos kategorijos, kurių turinys atskleidžia šeimos narių pirminę reakciją į neįgalaus vaiko gimimą ir kitus vidinius bei socialinius šeimos pokyčius. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe birth of a disabled child creates a stressful family situation and changes the inner and social life in the family changes. It predetermines existential problems of the family that raises a disabled child. The article seeks to answer the following problematic questions: What changes in inner life are characteristic to families that raise a disabled child? How does the birth of a disabled child influence the social position of the family? What encounters and experiences strengthen the family? Having conducted qualitative research, categories have been singled out, the content of which reveal these changes: an initial reaction of members of the family to the birth of a disabled child and inner and social changes of the family. Changes in the inner life of the family that raises a disabled child are connected with the change of purposefulness of personal life, the test of marital relationship, the acquisition of new skills and responsibility when realizing the significance of the birth of a child and giving meaning to themselves anew. After the birth of a disabled child families are influenced by both internal and social environmental stressors that influence the dynamics of their functioning. Social changes in the family come to light in the areas of career possibilities, the modification of living environment, the search of information and resources.Child disability supposes the change of parental expectations that create fear about the future of the family, problems of reconciliation with the fact of a disability; however certain families are mobilized by such a situation. Faith in God allows a person to have greater assurance of himself and the child; leave his fears and anxiety behind, and the possibility arises for the inner strengths of the parents to be revealed. [From the publication]

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