Edukologijos magistrantūros programų vadybos tobulinimas : studentų požiūris

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Straipsnis / Article
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Edukologijos magistrantūros programų vadybos tobulinimas: studentų požiūris
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Master of educational management improvement programs: the students' approach
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Pedagogika. 2010, 99, p. 31-37
Studijų kokybė; Modelis; Aukštoji mokykla; Vadyba.
Model; University; Management; quality of studies.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamas Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto studentų požiūris į antrosios studijų pakopos edukologijos programų vadybą. Straipsnyje analizuojamas vienas tyrimo, atlikto 2009 m. Vilniaus pedagoginiame universitete, aspektų — studentų įsitraukimo, įtraukimo į antrosios studijų pakopos edukologijos programų kokybės vadybą galimybės, aiškinantis studentų poreikius, lūkesčius dėl pasirinktų studijų. [Iš leidinio]

ENAccording EU directives, every European Union country is encouraged to renew its educational system. Bologna process documents are the most important part of EU educational policy in order to ensure studies quality by ppromoting European dimension in it. Also, those documents reveals that the most important point is universities' strategical approach towards developing quality systems in the study programmes. Concerning documents of Bologna process and quality insurance system in Vilnius Pedagogical University, there where initiated problem in this research called - creation of suitable hypothetical model for ensuring of study quality of the second cycle in Vilnius Pedagogical university according Bologna process requirements. Aim of the research was initiated - examine students' attitudes to postgraduate education programs in management. Research objectives: 1) identify students' needs and expectations of compliance with the programs studied, 2) identify students' level of involvement in postgraduate management education programs, 3) to compose a hypothetical theoretical model for a postgraduate education program management. After the analysis of literature and empirical data research, there was composed and outlined model for successful management of quality in this programme. National and international documents analysis reveals very close attitude towards creation, promotion, correction of study programmes. So, masters' study programmes could be corrected in two aspects: by involving lager number of students in to management process of study programme; implementing wider researches on students needs in appropriated study programmes.Empirical research shows great necessity to reflect student's real professional needs in study programmes. For this reason it's necessary to compose and implement effective strategy to ensure studies' quality system permanently in Vilnius Pedagogical University. [From the publication]

1392-0340; 2029-0551
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