Verslo vadybos studentų bendrųjų kompetencijų ugdymo problematika : verslo ir aukštojo mokslo sankirta

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Straipsnis / Article
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Verslo vadybos studentų bendrųjų kompetencijų ugdymo problematika: verslo ir aukštojo mokslo sankirta
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Development problematic of business management students core competencies: crossing of higher education and business
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Profesinis rengimas: tyrimai ir realijos [Vocational training: research and realities]. 2007, Nr. 13, p. 48-65
Verslas / Business.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjama bendrųjų kompetencijų ugdymo problematika verslo vadybos studijų kontekste: pasitelkiant tyrimų rezultatus, charakterizuojami darbdavių lūkesčiai, verslo vadybos dėstytojų ir verslo vadybos specialybės studentų bendrųjų kompetencijų ugdymo samprata, aptariami esminiai bendrųjų kompetencijų ugdymo aspektai verslo vadybos studijų procese. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Bendrosios kompetencijos; Verslo vadybos kompetencijos; Patirtinio mokymosi metodai; Competences; Business management competences; Experiential learning.

ENThe necessity of modelling the development of general competencies in students of business management is determined by changes in internal culture of business organisations, development of non-hierarchical relations, the emergence of new and more flexible types of employment requiring more personal responsibility, a new conception of the career paradigm which involves career projecting and implementation, constant learning and change as well as adapting to different conditions. What does the training of an employee who flexibly adapts to these changes, who is capable of constant learning and advancement on his own and who is a good communicator in any environment involve? In search for an answer to these questions the aspects of social and emotional self-regulation development as well as the issues of individual adaptability and social behaviour efficiency have been analysed in studies of psychology, management and educology over the last decades. In the context of learning these personal development aspects are related to the notion of general competencies. The article analyses the issues of development of general competences in the context of business management studies.The article presents an overview of paradigms of general competences and business management competences and their interrelations; it also establishes the general competences that are most important for business managers, describes employers' expectations of general business management competences, analyses essential aspects of development of general competences in the process of business management studies and demonstrates the connection between business and higher education in terms of general competences. The analysis of the issues above is based on the results of two studies. The first focus group study aimed to establish the notion of general competences and their significance in present conditions, the suggested methods for their development in studies of business management and the major problems that are posed. The second quantitative study presented the needs for development of general competencies in managers. The study involved the surveys of managers/ employers, lecturers of business management subjects at higher education institutions and students of business management at higher education institutions. [From the publication]

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