Pradedančio dirbti pedagogo ir studento praktikanto konsultavimo ypatumai

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Pradedančio dirbti pedagogo ir studento praktikanto konsultavimo ypatumai
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Peculiarities of consulting a junior pedagogue and a trainee student
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Pedagogika. 2007, 86, p. 36-43
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Pradedantis dirbti pedagogas; Studentas praktikantas; Mentorius; Konsultavimo procesas; Junior pedagogue; Trainee student; Mentor; Consultancy process.
Mentorius; Mokytojų ugdymas / Teacher education; Pradedantis dirbti pedagogas; Studentai / Students.
Summary / Abstract:

LTPradedantiems dirbti pedagogams bei studentams praktikantams pradiniame profesinio rengimo etape reikalinga pagalba ir konsultavimas. Konsultanto vaidmenį turėtų atlikti patyręs pedagogas mentorius, kuris padėtų pradedantiems dirbti pedagogams ir studentams praktikantams susivokti įvairialypėje pedagoginėje veikloje bei skatintųjų profesinį tobulėjimą. Straipsnyje teoriškai analizuojamos pradedančių dirbti pedagogų ir studentų praktikantu problemos, atskleidžiama mento-riaus konsultavimo proceso samprata ir reikšmė. Kokybinio tyrimo metu ištirti mentoriaus konsultavimo turinio ir proceso ypatumai. Tyrimo duomenys atskleidė mentorių patirties stoką planuojant konsultavimui palankią aplinką, užmezgant kontaktą su globotiniu, modeliuojant konsultavimo turinį, reflektuojant ir vertinant konsultavimo veiklą. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe final work of master degree analyzes consultancy competence and work strategy of a mentor. Most often, the mentor's work is confined to evaluation and control, and one of the main functions of his / her work - the function of consultancy-is not performed well enough. Regarding the need of junior pedagogues' and trainee students' to be consulted and aiming that both junior pedagogues and trainee students gain relevant elements of pedagogical work in educational institutions, it is very important to analyze the peculiarities of consultancy content and process of a mentor. The following defensive propositions have been raised: The consultancy process of a mentor corresponds with the process requirements, however, there are many problems connected with planning a suitable environment for consulting, making a contact with a nursling, modeling the content of consulting and feedback and evaluation of a mentor's consultancy. The research data showed the lack of mentors' experience in consulting and thus proved the defensive propositions. Mentoring programs are an important and inseparable part of educator training system, and a mentor is an experienced educator who, in the initial educator training process, helps the future and beginner educators relate theory with practical situations, solves problems and encourages their professional perfection.Mentoring in Lithuania is a new process which should ensure qualitative professional training and qualification refreshment of future and beginner educators. One of the main functions of mentor activity is consulting. In the context of mentoring process consulting could be named as rendering of support and help to future and beginner educator, helping to solve personal problems as well as difficulties in the professional activity. The aim of consulting is to provide the person with more professional competence, ability to use all the personal qualities at work and to provide the young specialist with suitable conditions for studying and developing. The mastering of consulting technique, the ability to understand and comprehend the children, the purposeful use of consulting and communication means would enable mentors not only to convey their professional knowledge better but also improve relations with trainees, help to raise their self-perception and self-value, expand the possibilities of their professional perfection. [From the publication]

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