Norvegijoje gyvenančių lietuvių migracinės nuostatos Norvegijos atžvilgiu

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Norvegijoje gyvenančių lietuvių migracinės nuostatos Norvegijos atžvilgiu
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Attitude of Norwegian Lithuanians towards migration to Norway
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Lituanistica. 2022, Nr. 3, p. 216-231
Norvegija (Norway); Lietuva (Lithuania); Migracija / Migration; Migracija / Migration; Žiniasklaida / Mass media.
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LTStraipsnyje, remiantis 2021 m. atlikto empirinio tyrimo duomenimis, aptariamos Norvegijoje gyvenančių lietuvių migracinės nuostatos Norvegijos atžvilgiu. Analizuojama, kuo Norvegija yra patraukli lietuviams, kas skatina juos emigruoti į šią šalį ir pasilikti gyventi ten visą laiką, kokias asociacijas lietuviams kelia Norvegija, ar ši šalis yra tinkama auginti vaikus bei kiti aktualūs klausimai, dažniausiai aptariami Lietuvos žiniasklaidoje. Tyrimo rezultatai palyginami su anksčiau kitų mokslininkų atliktų tyrimų rezultatais. Raktažodžiai: Norvegija, Norvegijos lietuviai, emigrantai, migracija, nuostatos. [Iš leidinio]

ENBased on the data of an empirical research conducted in 2021, the article discusses the attitudes of the Lithuanians living in Norway towards this country. It analyses what encourages Lithuanians to emigrate to this country and stay there permanently; why Norway seems attractive; what associations Norway raises for Lithuanians; whether this country is a good place to raise and bring up children, and other relevant issues often discussed in the Lithuanian media. The results of the survey are compared with the results of previous research done by other researchers. The majority of the Lithuanians living in Norway are satisfied with their living conditions in this country and would not change their country of immigration even if they had such an opportunity. For the Lithuanians living in Norway, this country is more often associated with positive (such as beautiful nature, peace, security, freedom, stability, friendliness, tolerance, and equality) rather than negative aspects of Norway. In 2021, at the time of the study, most Lithuanians residing in Norway felt fully integrated and said that they were trying to accept Norwegian culture and traditions as much as it was important for communicating with the locals. Nevertheless, Lithuanians try to uphold their Lithuanian identity and traditions while living in a foreign country. In comparison with the results of the surveys of previous years, the present study shows that Lithuanians in Norway are less and less ashamed of their nationality and increasingly express pride in their homeland. Keywords: Norway, Lithuanians living in Norway, immigrants, migration, attitudes. [From the publication]

0235-716X; 2424-4716
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