Kalvio portretas mitologijoje

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Kalvio portretas mitologijoje
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Blacksmith's portrait in mythology
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Būdas. 2021, Nr. 2 (197), p. 21-30
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Kalvis; Teliavelis / Kalvelis; Perkūnas; Velnias; Lietuvių mitologija. Keywords: Blacksmith; Teliavelis / Kalvelis; Perkūnas (Thunder); The devil; Lithuanian mythology.
Kalvis; Mitologija / Mythology; Perkūnas; Velnias.
Blacksmith; Devil.
Summary / Abstract:

LTKalvis mitologijoje ne kartą nagrinėtas, tačiau tai plati ir gili, neišsenkama tema. Siame straipsnyje, atsižvelgiant į kitų tyrėjų įžvalgas, darsyk aptariamas spalvingas kalvio portretas lietuvių ir kitų tradicijų mitologijoje, pabrėžiant jo ryšius su dieviškuoju bei požeminiu pasauliais, santykius su velnuva bei magija, išvaizdos ypatumus bei kt., rengiantis kitame straipsnyje jį palyginti su kalvio portretu tikrovėje. [Iš leidinio]

ENBased on the insights of other researchers, the blacksmith’s role in Lithuanian and other countries’ mythology, both unique and colourful, is discussed in the article in more detail. In many cultures, the importance of the craft of blacksmiths elevated representatives of this speciality to the level of gods. Lithuanian mythology is no exception - one of the most important gods is Teliavelis/Kalvelis - creator of the Sun, and there is also the later god of the closed blacksmith cult, Kriukis. The relationship of blacksmith with the divine and devil worlds is visible in the activities of Teliavelis/Kalvelis and the folk smith. The latter, like his furnace and hearth, acts as a mediator between the two worlds - the heavens and the underworld. In relations with the oldest blacksmiths - the devilish blacksmith is characterised by their cunning character and he often beats the devils, or with their help and without performs acts of magical rejuvenation and may also be a healer. The relationship with magic is also revealed by cases of beating and thinning a tongue, the creative beginning characteristic of God and the devil - not only the act mentioned above, but also the forging of extraordinary things and the sun itself. Most of the Lithuanian mythical blacksmith features have similarities to the mythology of other cultures. [From the publication]

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