Professional welfare aspects of social employees working in community-based child care homes

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Professional welfare aspects of social employees working in community-based child care homes
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International security in the frame of modern global challenges. Vilnius Kyiv: Mykolas Romeris University, 2019. P. 23-28
Bendruomeniniai vaikų globos namai; Bendruomenės vaikų globos namai; Organizacinė veikla; Organizavimo veiklos; Profesinė gerovė; Socialiniai mokslai; Socialinės paslaugos.
Community-based child care homes; Occupational welfare; Organizational activities; Social sciences; Social services.
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EN[...] According to the data of the research carried out, it can be stated that social work in community care homes is characterized by a high level of stress and insufficient salary. Salary does not correspond to the work being done, and the stress is felt in the work of communicating with children with behavioral and emotional disorders, the uncertainty of work, various additional works. Failure to do the work in time is also associated with tension and stress. The results show that occupational well-being is a very important factor in the overall assessment of the quality of life of social workers, so it is appropriate to look for ways to increase professional well-being. The objective prosperity of the research participants is reflected in the statement that work is a compulsory thing without which it is impossible to survive. Participants argue that they consider the ineligible wage as the main source of livelihood, so they may not always be able to fully meet their needs (families) by receiving such a salary. Career opportunities are very limited because there is no change in the workplace, there is no incentive to raise their qualifications. It has been found that employees are faced with many unfavorable factors in their work, and the social work profession is not favorably assessed by the society due to the nature of work and the problematic ness of clients. Therefore, good management of human resources and welfare of social workers can achieve good performance and motivate employees to work successfully. [Extract, p. 27]

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