Travel service - an innovative solution if exist

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Travel service - an innovative solution if exist
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Montenegrin journal of economics [MNJE]. 2016, 12, 4, p. 121-128
Švietimas. Švietimo politika / Education. Education policy; Turizmas / Tourism; Ugdymas / Education.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Besimokanti turizmo organizacija; Švietimo ir vadybos aspektai; Ugdymo potencialas; Turizmo paslaugos; Learning tourism organization; Educational and managerial aspects; Educational potential; Tourism services.

ENTourism is an important key for development of many regions in Europe. Development of the economic growth and other related activities, promote more and more representatives of such sector areas to take a sustainable and environmentally friendly activities. The assessment of tourism in the context of sustainable development becomes an important goal to preserve and enhance the cultural and natural heritage. This should lead to the development of the management of all the resources that allow the satisfaction of the economic, social and aesthetic needs, while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems. Cooperation in various ways, one of them - the tourism-based alliances, must begin at an early strategic tourism management process. At one of such stages, an important role for learning is played by tourism organization, where tourists using the service switches to the learning process, while have acquired knowledge, develop their skills and values.Scientific studies in Lithuania and abroad permit to assert that there is an increasing focus on expression quality of service problem for learning tourism organization. However, the tourism service quality is not properly investigated rather than theoretical or empirical approaches. In particular, there is a lack of studies, hat analyze educational action expression coherence of the tourism service’ providers and users. Formulated and highlighted statements are supported by the scientific literature and studies of the official documents, where the relevance of the topic is based on, underlining the fact that there is no sufficient scientific publications, presenting necessary expression of the educational potential of tourist services in the context of a learning organization. Therefore, there is a fundamental problematic question – does tourism organization divert its activity to the expression of the educational potential of the tourism services, and does it perceive the interactions with the educational and managerial processes of a learning tourism organization?. [From the publication]

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