Gimnazijos mokytojų profesinių gebėjimų kaitos ypatumai

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Straipsnis / Article
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Gimnazijos mokytojų profesinių gebėjimų kaitos ypatumai
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Peculiarities of gymnasia teachers professional capabilities change
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 4, p. 116-124
Utena; Lietuva (Lithuania); Mokytojų ugdymas / Teacher education; Pedagogai / Pedagogues.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Gimnazija; Gimnazija, mokytojas, profesiniai gebėjimai, kaita, mokytojo kintantis vaidmuo, pedagogo kompentencijos; Mokytojas; Profesiniai gebėjimai; Gymnasium; Gymnasium, Teacher, Vocational skills, Change, Teacher's changing role, Teacher's competencies; Professional skills; Teacher.

ENToday education in Lithuania is going through the period of changes. The model of the personality and the influence of the teachers personality was discussed by B. Bitinas, 2000; J. Laužikas 1997; V. Lepekienė, 2001; R. Vasiliauskas, 2002; V. Žemaitis, 1996. The thoughts of these authors were supplemented by A. Aliauskas, 2002; L. Jovaiša, 2001; A. Maceina, 1991; Vl. Rajeckas, 2004; St. Šalkauskis, 1992. They also wrote on the topics of pedagogical professional preparation. The aim of the research is to ascertain what peculiarities of change of professional abilities of gymnasium teachers are revealed in nowadays dynamic conditions. The survey was done in all gymnasiums of Utena region; A. Šapoka, „Saulė“, Dauniškis and Užpaliai. 180 teachers and 200 students of gymnasiums were questioned. The statistical analysis of the data was done by SPSS program. The results of the research are; professional abilities of a teacher have the greatest influence for success of gymnasiums teachers. The least influence is done by the communication with parents and the upbringing environment. The opinions of students and teachers on the factors influencing working success differed very little. The opinion of the gymnasiums teachers is that the most important competencies in their work are methodical and professional.The least important are social and expressive competencies. According to the students of gymnasiums, the most important personal characteristics and abilities in teachers’ work are the ability to communicate with the students, teaching methods and the quality of the knowledge. The least important are the age and the appearance of the teachers. The information technologies competence of the teachers is not sufficient: the teachers are good at preparing teaching materials, use e-mails and the Internet. The teachers do not feel confident in creating data bases and distance learning. The students are good at using the Internet and e-mail. The skills of using information technologies of the students and the teachers, in the main, do not differ. [From the publication]

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