XVI-XVII a. joniškiečių asmenvardžiai

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XVI-XVII a. joniškiečių asmenvardžiai
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Person’s proper names of Joniškis residents in the 16th-17th centuries
16-17 a. bažnytinės krikšto knygos; Antroponimas; Asmenvardis; Asmenvardžiai; Joniškio parapija; Lietuviškos pavardžių priesagos; Patronimas; Priesaga; Slaviškos pavardžių priesagos; Tikrinių vardų indeksas.
Anthroponym; Baptismal register book in 16-17 centuries; Index of proper names; Joniškis Parish; Lithuanian patronimic suffixes; Patronym; Person proper names; Personal proper name; Slavonic patronimis suffixes; Suffixe.
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ENThe studies of 186 person’s proper names (the second members of the binary model) of Joniškis residents, recorded in baptismal register book of Joniškis Parish in 1599-1622, resulted in the conclusion that Slavonic suffixes -ova and -ovna prevail in female person’s proper names. The larger part of male surnames, differently from female ones, have Lithuanian patronymic suffixes -ailis, -ūnas, diminutive -ilis, -ytis, -uilis, -uitis and suffix -iškis, which could also have the meaning of the patronymic. Of 85 person’s proper names, 179 forms of Lithuanian anthroponyms were restored, of which 99 (56%) were Lithuanian non-Christian and 80 (44%) were Lithuanian Christian person’s proper names. Among the reconstructed Lithuanian anthroponyms of non-Christian origin most frequent are those of nickname type, and among the restored person’s proper names originating from Christian person’s proper names are various short forms of Christian names. Comparing the index of proper names of Joniškis town and the adjoining parish villages, it was noticed that urban person’s proper names differed from those of peasants in terms of origin and formation. In the index of proper names of the latter, frequent are old Lithuanian double-stemmed person’s proper names. Commonly, they have Lithuanian patronymic suffixes. [From the publication]

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