Nuorodinis žodžių aiškinimas "Bendrinės lietuvių kalbos žodyne"

Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Nuorodinis žodžių aiškinimas "Bendrinės lietuvių kalbos žodyne"
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Explaining word references in the Dictionary of the standard Lithuanian language
Leksika. Kalbos žodynas / Lexicon; Leksikografija / Lexicography; Rašyba. Skyryba. Ortografija / Spelling. Punctation. Orthography; Žodžių daryba. Žodžio dalys / Word formation. Parts of a word.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Bendrinės lietuvių kalbos žodynas; Deminutyvas; Išvestinis žodis; Leksikografija; Nuorodinio aiškinimo būdai; Nuorodinis žodžių aiškinimas; Pamatinis žodis; Santrumpa; Stilistiškai konotuoti žodžiai; Sutrumpinimas; Žodyno straipsniai; Abbreviation; Derivative; Dictionary entries; Dictionary of the Standard Lithuanian Language; Diminutuve; Explaining word references; Explanatory references; Key word; Lexicography; Stylistically conotated words.

ENThe publication focuses on the explanation of word references in the compiled Dictionary of the Standard Lithuanian Language. Four types of explanatory references are Identified: 1) an arrow symbol (->) is used for referencing derivatives (of verbs, proper name abstracts and a number of adverbs) to their base headwords; 2) diminutives posing difficulties to explain are referenced to their base headwords (with abbreviation dcm.) 3) an abbreviation h. is used in the following instances: when word usage is restricted to a certain collocation and it is referenced to this collocation; when a subsidiary form of a word is singled out and it is referenced to the main one; when a phraseological unit placed next to its subsidiary component is referenced to a key component; 4 ) words of lower frequency, subsidiary variants (from a point of view of language norms and terminology), certain stylistically conotated words, etc. are referred to their synonyms of higher frequency or basic variants (spelled in small capital letters). Cases including the usage of abbreviation plg. are also discussed in this article. [From the publication]

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