Linksniuojamųjų žodžių kirčiavimo variantų pateikimas "Pietinių pietų aukštaičių šnektų žodyne"

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Linksniuojamųjų žodžių kirčiavimo variantų pateikimas "Pietinių pietų aukštaičių šnektų žodyne"
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Presentation of the variants of accentuation of declined words in the Dictionary of the Southern subdialects of the Southern Highlanders
Intonacija / Intonation; Kirčiavimas. Tartis. Akcentologija / Accent. Accentology; Leksikografija / Lexicography; Tarmės. Dialektai. Dialektologija / Dialects. Dialectology; Žodžių daryba. Žodžio dalys / Word formation. Parts of a word.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Akcentinės paradigmos; Akcentologija; Dialektologija; Formų pateikimas žodžio straipsnyje; Intonacija; Kirčiavimas; Kirčiavimo variantai; Leksikografija; Tarminiai žodžiai; Tarmės; Šnekta; Žodynas; Žodžio gretiminio kirčiavimo variantai; Accent; Accent paradigms; Dialectal words; Dialectology; Dialects; Dictionary; Intonation; Lexicography; Parallel accentuation variants of a word; Presentation of forms in entries of dictionaries; Stress; Subdialect; Variants of accentuation; Word-stress variants.

ENThe article deals with the most frequent issues of presentation of declined words and their forms with a variable stress in the Dictionary of Southern South Highland Lithuanians which is being compiled for publication. The analysis of the material suggests that problems come up when attempts are made to establish the accentuation variants of declined words of the same stem and their lexicographic presentation: 1) establishing the main and parallel accentuation variants of a word; 2) establishing the main stress paradigm and parallel accent paradigm of a word; 3) presenting separate forms with a variable stress in the entry of the head word in the dictionary Detailed analysis suggests that the paradigm of a dialectal accentual variant needs to be established not by one form but according to the entire word paradigm or at least by the stress and intonation of most forms. In problematic cases of establishing the stress paradigm(s) and/or the main variant of accentuated stress attention should first be paid to the accentuation of such words in the neighbouring subdialects and the entire area of the dialect concerned. It is also important to take into consideration the accentual peculiarities and tendencies of those words as well as to draw on the accentuation of the same type derivatives in the subdialects. In difficult cases the historical evolution and theoretical premises of the word accentuation should also be taken into consideration. Individual accented forms of declined words with a variable stress that show the accent paradigm should be given in the head word entry below the indicated grammatical marks and stress accent. [From the publication]

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