Konstantino Sirvydo raštų įtaka Antano Baranausko Šventojo Rašto vertimui

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Konstantino Sirvydo raštų įtaka Antano Baranausko Šventojo Rašto vertimui
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Influence of the works of Konstantinas Sirvydas on the Holy Scripture translation by Antanas Baranauskas
Šventasis raštas; Konstantinas Sirvydas; Šventojo Rašto vertimas; Leksikografiniai šaltiniai; Rytprūsių žodynai; Sirvydo žodynas; Antanas Baranauskas
Holy Scripture; Holy Scripture translation; Antanas Baranauskas; Dictionary of Konstantinas Sirvydas; Lexikographic sources
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ENThe first Lithuanian dictionary Dictionarium trium linguarum compiled by Konstantinas Sirvydas, for a long time was the only dictionary which included a Polish section; therefore, translators from Polish and compilers of later Polish-Lithuanian and Lithuanian-Polish dictionaries made ample use of it. The text of the Bible, translated by Antanas Baranauskas, contains a parallel translation into Polish; apparently, the Polish- Latin-Lithuanian Dictionary by K. Sirvydas was very useful to the translator. The paper demonstrates that many borrowings adopted by A. Baranauskas from his native Anykštėnai dialect were replaced in his translation by the words from the Dictionary by K. Sirvydas. The syntax and morphology of the translated Holy Scripture have also been influenced by the works of K. Sirvydas. The language of the Holy Scripture translated by A. Baranauskas was characterised as “archaic and pure”. These features are also largely due to K. Sirvydas. [From the publication]

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