Personalo mokymas(is) - besimokančios organizacijos kūrimo(si) prielaida : (aukštos kvalifikacijos specialistų reikalaujančios įmonės atvejis)

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Straipsnis / Article
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Personalo mokymas(is) - besimokančios organizacijos kūrimo(si) prielaida: (aukštos kvalifikacijos specialistų reikalaujančios įmonės atvejis)
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Personnel training/learning as a precondition for the creation of a learning organization: (case of an enterprise requiring highly qualified specialists)
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Studijos šiuolaikinėje visuomenėje. 2013, Nr. 4(1), p. 43-54
Besimokančios organizacijos; Besimokančios organizacijos kūrimo(si) prielaidos; Besimokanti organizacija; Darbuotojas; Kūrimo(si) prielaidos; Vadovas.
Employee; Leader; Learning organization; Prerequisites for a learning organisation.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsniu buvo siekiama atskleisti personalo mokymo(si) įtaką besimokančios organizacijos kūrimui(si). Straipsnyje atskleidžiama besimokančios organizacijos kūrimosi samprata ir raida, aptariami pagrindiniai besimokančios organizacijos bruožai ir prielaidos išryškinant darbuotojų veiklos efektyvumą lemiančius veiksnius bei mokymo(si) ir lojalumo sąsajas. Empiriniu tyrimu atskleistos organizacijos X (reikalaujančios aukštos kvalifikacijos specialistų) narių (vadovų ir darbuotojų) nuomonės apie besimokančios organizacijos kūrimosi prielaidas. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe aim of this paper is to show the influence of training employees on the creation of a learning organization. The paper is relevant because of the absence of a universally recognised definition characterizing a learning organization. Different authors prefer different definitions of learning organizations. In this paper, the conception of a learning organization and its development are shown as well as the main features and preconditions of such organizations. It is also very important to highlight the factors that determine the efficiency of employees and define the correlation between training employees and their loyalty towards the organization. An empirical analysis was performed and it showed how the employees and employers expressed their opinions on the preconditions of a learning organization. In the enterprise X, there is established a requirement for well-qualified employees. Moreover, documents of the enterprise X were also analysed. They were related to trainings, which were organized by the firm. The learning organization always followed changes in business environment and realized the importance of knowledge or innovations. It has often updated its processes and technologies; found new qualified employees; it encouraged its employees and put efforts to train them, found the advantages and disadvantages of every employee and used them in a relevant manner. Employers are prompters of employees’ development and knowledge. To find out the situation in the enterprise X, the employers as well as the employees participated in the analysis. Some elements of a learning organization could also be seen in the activities of the enterprise X. Having analysed the documents of the enterprise X, it is also possible to make an assumption that the enterprise is currently paying attention to the training of its employees.It is very important, where the job requires high qualifications. Trainings and learning are related with the results and the quality of performance. [From the publication]

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