Paauglių socializacijos perspektyvos kūrimas

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Paauglių socializacijos perspektyvos kūrimas
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Construction of the perspective of socialisation
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Pedagogika. 2012, 108, p. 32-37
Socializacija / Socialization; Vaikai / Children.
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LTStraipsnyje, remiantis profesorės Marijos Barkauskaitės įžvalgomis, aptariami įvairialypiai vaikų ir jaunimo tarpusavio santykiai, socializacijos veiksniai, vertybių internalizacija ir konstruojama socializacijos perspektyva. Autorės identifikuoja ir analizuoja socializacijos fenomeną, socializacijos trikdžius paauglystėje ir šių trikdžių įveikos būdus Lietuvos švietimo kontekste. Remiantis socialinių mokslų teoretikų darbais, prof. M. Barkauskaitės mokslinių publikacijų analize, jos veikla identifikuojama kaip edukacinio vyksmo socializacijos perspektyvos kūrimas. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Tarpusavio santykiai; Socializacijos trikdžiai; Socializacijos perspektyva; Interpersonal relationship; Abstracles of socialisation; Socialisation perspective.

ENAuthors of the article disscusses the interpersonal relationship of the young people, the actors of socialisation, the internalisation of the values based on research insights of professor Maria Barkauskaite. Some of the theoretical ideas from modern social theory are analysed in the first part of the article. For example, models describe what happens during practice in a general way. Models help to structure and organise how to approach a complicated situation. Perspectives express values of the world which allow participants to order their minds sufficiently to be able to manage themselves while participating. Applying different perspectives can help to see situations from different points of view. Explanatory theory accounts results in or causes particular consequences and identifies the circumstancies in which it does so. The authors of the arcticle identify the professor‘s input to the social educational theory as a construction of the perspective of socialisation. On the bases of the analyses of the research works of professor Maria Barkauskaite, authors develop some conclusions on the conception of socialisation as a wholistic and humanistic approach to education of personality. Another conclusion made by the authors of the article is based on the input of developing theoretical and practical models of socialisation. The point is made on the conception of safe school culture as a synergy of pedagogical interaction with the social environment. The most important idea has to be stressed in the research works of professor is professional development of teachers under wich responsibility is building up the social environment for all educational community members. [From the publication]

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