Saugios aplinkos kūrimas bendrojo ugdymo mokykloje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Saugios aplinkos kūrimas bendrojo ugdymo mokykloje
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Creating a safe environment in the general education school
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Pedagogika. 2011, 103, p. 30-37
LDB Open.
Mokyklos aplinka; Saugumas; Modelio kūrimas.
School environment; Security; Development model.
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LTStraipsnyje analizuojamos saugios aplinkos kūrimo bendrojo ugdymo mokykloje problemos. Aptariami veiksniai, turintys įtakos mokyklos aplinkos saugumui, destruktyvaus mokinių elgesio pasireiškimo dažnumas, formos, priežastys ir valdymo priemonių efektyvumo vertinimas, pateikiamos mokinių ir pedagogų saugumo mokykloje užtikrinimo ir saugios aplinkos kūrimo prielaidos bei modelis. [Iš leidinio]

ENThis document provides scientific research results regarding the creation of the safe secondary education environment and parameters influencing safety. Research results show that students as well as pedagogues do not feel completely safe in schools. Most of all the safety of environment is influenced by physical and psychological violence and student mockery and aggression against other students and in rare cases pedagogues. The least decisive factor influencing the safety of the school environment is the poor condition of the school building itself and unrestricted access to school territory. In opinion of both pedagogues and students, students feel the least safe on the trip from school after classes and during breaks; they feel safest during classes. This means that in the school and it‘s yards there is no supervision or it is ineffective. School corridors and yard were named as the least safe places by students as well as pedagogues. When considering the suggestions regarding creation of safe school environment it is possible to declare that social (communication, cooperation, friendliness and tolerance) aspects are understood as very important and by a large margin decisive in tutoring efficiency and ensuring safety at school by both students and pedagogues. Both sides acknowledge that there are a lot of things not done in that direction. What would serve it well is the unified school managerial strategy which would have a clearly defined code of conduct as well as the system of punishment and promotion.Looking for solution of the problem of safety at school it is necessary to find out what students, parents and pedagogues think regarding this issue. First external safety must be ensured: installation of various hardware protection means (cameras, ID card system, etc.), hiring of security staff. Only common school community’s (students, parents, pedagogues) effort will make it possible to eradicate violence and create a safe school. Effective violence prevention is only possible if it is systematic, covering all sectors of school and is directed at reducing the social segregation and promoting tolerance in the communicational culture. [From the publication]

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