Europinės švietimo dimensijos kaip pedagogų kvalifikacijos tobulinimosi veiksnys Lisabonos strategijos kontekste

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Europinės švietimo dimensijos kaip pedagogų kvalifikacijos tobulinimosi veiksnys Lisabonos strategijos kontekste
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European education dimension as a teacher development factor in the context of the Lisbon strategy
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Mokytojų ugdymas [Teacher Education]. 2005, Nr. 4, p. 16-23
Demokratinis ir liberalus ugdymas; Vertybės; Švietimo koncepcija.
Democratic and liberal training; Educational conception; Values.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje analizuojamos problemos, keliamos mokytojams ir mokyklai modernios liberalios švietimo koncepcijos požiūriu, atskleidžiant ugdymo tikslų, turinio, edukacinių procesų ugdymo vertybes. Akcentuojama, kad bendrojo lavinimo mokyklos koncepcijoje nurodyti ugdymo principai ir tikslai turi įtakos ugdymo krypčiai bendrojo lavinimo mokyklose ir ateities visuomenės kokybei. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe article deals with challenges for Lithuanian teachers and schools according to modern and liberal educational conception. Education and training are based on values and that is not discussable. The discussion is possible just speaking about what and whose training of values. At present debates training and other values problem is one of the most acute. There is a dear worry about their origin, validity and putting into practice. In the field of values training school head-teachers teachers and all school cannot act individually. The volume that school manipulates is restricted by outer expectations and restrains. Therefore analyzing the challenges for the teachers and school in the attitude of modern and liberal educational conception, it is necessary to disclose training values in its aims, content and educational processes. Principles and aims of general training that a school of general education rises in its conceptions are especially important, because they decide about the direction of training at schools of general education and determine a quality of future society. In other words, they become the challenges for teachers and schools, because realization of aims based on values, will depend on their practical activity, which should become a purpose of every citizen. Democratic as well as liberal training are based on acknowledged values such as: freedom, justice and person's autonomy. A liberal training gives possibility for people of different attitudes to find out the values, which naturally could become a condition of their positive communication.Education of Lithuania is fully satisfying the requirements of liberal democratic training in the conception of liberal education and make up theoretical premises to accomplish such a training in schools. In the attitude of liberal educational conception, there are quite enough challenges in teachers and schools' practical activity which happened because of changes of principal democratic values, principles and reputations: a) teachers and schools have the task to convey the understanding of nationality as a universal value and concrete nationality as an individual value. Besides, there is a serious challenge to come to an agreement which values should be discussed about in order to become a persons part; b) schools of general education have to suggest a common form of moral, civil and political training that could be acceptable to all society. At the same time they should stress school student's autonomy of thinking, possibility to analyze, understand, discuss and take critical decisions; c) changes in different life spheres influence novelties and renewal of teaching methods which often show the problems of teachers competence and their reservation; the problem of teachers skills, abilities arises, because teachers and their programmes, plans settle a render not only of a usual training content, but especially a "hidden" one, which can take place during an individual lesson, project or other activity and to have some valuable basis; d) there is a challenge of effective teaching differentiation for teachers and schools, but it has not been solved even by profile teaching yet. [From the publication]

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