Demokratinės kultūros sklaida būsimų mokytojų ugdymo procese

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Demokratinės kultūros sklaida būsimų mokytojų ugdymo procese
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Spread of democratic culture in future teacher's educational process
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Pedagogika . 2010, 100, p. 51-56
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Demokratinė kultūra; Dvasingumo sklaida; Dvasinės vertybės; Profesinė savikūra; Asmenybės branda
Democratic culture; Spirituality spread; Spiritual values; Professional self development; Personal maturity
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamas būsimų mokytojų ugdymo procesas, kuris grindžiamas dvasingumo sklaida. Teorinėje ir empirinėje plotmėje išryškinamas subjekto vaidmuo atskleidžiant ugdymo reiškinių ir dvasinių vertybių asmeninę prasmę bei ją įtvirtinant kultūroje kaip individualios transformacijos rezultatą. Keliama tradicinio mokymo rekonstrukcijos idėja akcentuojant, kad jį aktualu grįsti dvasingumo sklaida ir modeliuoti remiantis asmens kultūros bei dvasinės brandos pokyčių nulemto ugdymo turinio raida. [Iš leidinio]

ENProblem. After Lithuania regained its independence ( in 1990), restructuring of the system of education became one of the most significant objectives. Democratic culture characteristic of the Western world was chosen as a way to change the content of education and personal self-development as a means of its consolidation in the educational reality. Hence, strategic documents were prepared, legalizing conceptual provisions of the educational reform as a legal basis of this reconstruction. However, the implementation of ideas required search for ways of how to spread democratic culture not only on methodological, but also didactic and practical levels. In this light, the process of education reflects the relations of an individual and environment culture and is modeled with regard to the interdependence of impact and self-realization, cognition and expression. These are the preconditions to consolidate democratic culture and its spread inreconstructing educational theory and practice and encouraging maturity of the contemporary individual. Therefore, the spread of democratic culture in the process of education is a topical pedagogical problem. The objectives are: to define the features of contemporary culture and factors of its spread intraining a future specialist; to analyze the possibilities of democratic culture spread in a unified process of t he individual's maturity and professional self-development; to present a model of democratic culture spread in the process of education.Theoretical base. The research is grounded on the approach that spirituality is the core of an individual and culture and that contemporary democratic culture is spread in terms of a person's active involvement in signifying the environment and creating their world. The provisions of constructive theory formed the basis to evaluate the spread o f contemporary democratic culture in educational process. Research results. Future teachers of religion, arts and other courses at Vilnius Pedagogical University presented essays covering the analysis o f independently selected works. The analysis revealed students' objectives of professional self-development and personal maturity. Manifestation of democratic culture was observed in both cases, however, the process based on spiritual spread is most favourable for personal maturity. It is also characterized by the greatest possibilities of the spread of democratic culture. The research revealed that the features of contemporary democratic culture include competence, personal benefit and integration, while the factors of its spread consist of cognition, expression and spread of personal culture. The totality of these indicators and their interdependence adjust the spread of democratic culture in the process of education. Such a model complements to the theory of educational reconstruction and is topical in assessing educational practice in the light of contemporary democratic culture and its spread. [From the publication]

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