Mokinių dorovinės vertybės ir jų ugdymo galimybės : technologijų mokytojų požiūris

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Straipsnis / Article
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Mokinių dorovinės vertybės ir jų ugdymo galimybės: technologijų mokytojų požiūris
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Pupil's human values and the possibilities of developing them: the attitude of technology teachers
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Pedagogika. 2010, 98, p. 39-46
dorovinės vertybės; jautrumas; tausojimas; atvirumas; orumas; atsakingumas; altruizmas.
human values; sensitivity; consideration; openness; dignity; responsibility; altruism.
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LTStraipsnyje aptariamas technologiją mokytojų požiūris į mokinių dorovinių vertybių ugdymo svarbą. Apklausti 112 Lietuvos miestų bei rajonų technologijų mokytojai, dirbantys pagrindinėse ir vidurinėse mokyklose bei gimnazijose. Darbe analizuojamos V-VII klasių mokinių dorovinių vertybių kognityvinis lygmuo, vertybių reitingai, mokytojų požiūris į mokinių dorovinių vertybių ugdymo galimybes technologijų pamokose. Taip pat straipsnyje aptariami kai kurie mokytojų dorovinių vertybių ugdymo patirties technologijų pamokose aspektai. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe paper analyzes the attitude of technology teachers towards the importance of developing pupils' human values. It also discusses the cognitive level of human values, value scale, teachers' attitude to the possibilities of developing students' human values in technology lessons. Research methods applied: theoretical methods; empirical; statistical methods - analysis of the obtained data; the data were processed applying the 11.5 version of the programme SPSS; the charts were made with Windows Microsoft Excel programme. The correlation among features was estimated applying Spearman's rank correlation coefficient (r), chi-square criterion (%2) and its degrees of freedom (df). Hypotheses about probability (p) of the correlation among features were also explored. In 2008, according to the designed research model the research was carried out. Technology teachers who work in basic schools, secondary schools, and gymnasia in different Lithuanian towns and districts were surveyed. 112 technology teachers participated in the research. The results of the research have shown that internalization of pupils' human values has not reached a high level. The most important values among students are responsibility, openness and sensitivity, while altruism is considered less important. Therefore it is suggested that teachers have to emphasize the human values which are not fully perceived by pupils. These are altruism, dignity and consideration. The results of the research have also shown that teachers' attitude towards the development of human values is positive. 33,04 % of teachers stated that they always try to instill human values into their students during technology lessons, whereas 53,57 % do this frequently.Teachers notified that it depends on pupils' age, sex, teacher's qualifications and experience. The most frequently developed values are responsibility and consideration. Altruism is considered to be the most rarely developed human value. [From the publication]

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