Refugees children and youth social skills education in football activities

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Refugees children and youth social skills education in football activities
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Independent journal of management & production [IJM&P]. 2021, vol. 12, no. 6, p. 584-609
Fizinis ugdymas / Physical education; Sportas / Sport.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Futbolas; Pabėgėlių vaikai; Jaunimas; Socialiniai įgūdžiai; Edukacija. Keywords: Football; Refugee children; Youth; Social skills; Education.Reikšminiai žodžiai: Futbolas; Pabėgėliai; Vaikai; Jaunimas; Socialiniai įgūdžiai; Išsilavinimas; Football; Refugees; Children; Youth; Social skills; Education.

ENThe number of sports programs in the world to promote various integration processes is growing rapidly. Physical activity and sport, and football in particular, are an excellent strategy for dealing with the various resettlement challenges of refugee children and youth (Stura, 2019; Anderson et al., 2019; Robinson et al., 2019; Svensson & Woods, 2017; UN Refugee Agency, 2019). Scientific problem question: how are the social skills of refugee children and youth developed in a group of football activities? Aim: to analyze the concept of social skills development in a group of football activities for refugee children and youth and to identify problems of social skills development. Objectives of the research: To highlight the peculiarities of physical activity of refugee children. To reveal the role of social skills in the development of social skills of refugee children through physical activity in the integration process. To analyze the results of the practical evaluation of the football program “Football3” developed by the international network “STREET FOOTBALL WORD”. The result: Football has always been closely linked to the phenomenon of forced migration worldwide. Football or physical activity has the incredible power to help shape the future and give hope to refugee children and youth living in other countries. The study revealed that the development of a football program and the productivity of practical efficiency were determined by the service provider's experience in volunteering abroad as a football coach using the Football3 method. According to informants, the stability of the structure of the football program emerged after the third season. [From the publication]

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