Šv. Onos gerbimo centro susiformavimo Žemaičių vyskupijoje atvejis: stebuklinga Batakių šv. Onos skulptūra

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Šv. Onos gerbimo centro susiformavimo Žemaičių vyskupijoje atvejis: stebuklinga Batakių šv. Onos skulptūra
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Case of the formation of the St. Anne’s devotion centre in the Samogitian Diocese: the miraculous sculpture of St. Anne in Batakiai
Batakių Šv. Onos bažnyčia; Šv. Ona; Šv. Ona, pati trečioji; Stebuklingos skulptūros; Skulptūrų rengimo tradicijos.
Batikia St. Anne's Church; St. Anne; St. Anne Selbdritt; Miraculous sculptures; Sculpture dress traditions.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjamas seniausios Lietuvos Didžiojoje Kunigaikštystėje žinomos neišlikusios Batakių bažnyčios (Tauragės r.) šv. Onos skulptūrinės grupės gerbimo atvejis. Pasitelkiant istorinius duomenis, kadaise surašytus bažnyčios inventoriuose, siekiama išsiaiškinti, ar Batakius galime laikyti šv. Onos kulto traukos centru. Per šio kūrinio sąsajas su buvimo vieta ir besikeičiančiu laiku bandoma atskleisti, ką šventojo atvaizdo pokyčiai liudija apie tam tikrus katalikiškos Lietuvos kultūros fenomenus. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe St. Anne sculptures environment as recorded by written sources shows that the cult o f St. Anne was formed in the Batakiai parish church of the Samogitian Diocese until the mid-i6th century. The phenomenon overstepped the local boundaries and became significant in a wider region. An important manifestation of this cult is veneration towards the miraculous sculpture of the Virgin and Child with St. Anne (The St. Anne Trinity or Anna Selbdritt) that is revealed with generous donations and votive offerings of believers in the post-Tridentine period. Canonical coronation of the sculpture, dressing, changing of dresses, decorating with jewellery and ex-votos and hiding under curtains or other painting can be described as evidence of a cult image and respect to it. The covering of the image and supplementing with new elements testifies the concept of the archaic ecclesiastical image typical to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (hereinafter GDL). It is the only known dressing case of the sculpture of St. Anne in Lithuania, the tradition which continued even until the 20th century. Like many miraculous images of the GDL, which graces were not recorded in the books of miracles, the miracles of this sculpture were not officially confirmed by the authority of the Church. However, the sculpture environment recorded by written sources shows that it was venerated as miraculous. It allows us to conclude that the sculptural group of The St. Anne Trinity in Batakiai formed a famous miraculous place based on the connection of saints and believers. In the 16th-17th centuries, an important centre of the St. Anne’s cult was formed in Batakiai, which has partially lost its importance only in the 19th century. The case of the sculpture cult of St. Anne in Batakiai may be considered as exceptional in the GDL. However, in the absence of detailed historical research in other GDL's regions, now it is not possible to answer a question about uniqueness of this case.

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