Исследования хореографического фольклора в Литве

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Исследования хореографического фольклора в Литве
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Research studies of choreographic folklore in Lithuania
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Lithuania; Traditional choreography; Ethno-choreology; Dances; Folklore; Dance Sutartines; Ritual dances.

ENThe purpose of the work is to comprehensively clarify the types and methods of Lithuanian folk dance research in the national and international context. The traditional Lithuanian dances, round-dances and games, together with the manifestations of ritual choreography are analysed in this article, including a panorama of the foreign sciences development – such as dance anthropology, dance ethnology and ethno-choreology (dance folklore), as well as the results and problems of such studies in Lithuania. Methodology of the research is a systematic approach to the analysis of Lithuanian choreographic folklore, using historical, analytical and comparative methods. The scientific novelty of the study is determined by the first systematic presentation of the Lithuanian ethno-choreology history in the ethnomusicological scientific press of the Slavic countries. Conclusions. Trying to clarify and preserve the ancient traditions of folk dance that is leaving in the past, it is necessary to intensify the search for its dancers, still living in different regions of Lithuania, to expand the use of methods of structural and in-depth interviews in field studies, and to record the dance in a traditional way. If we want to clarify the style of performing traditional dance, we should use the method of reconstruction – trying to create the same as possible with the authentic situation, consistently fixing everything on video recordings. Using this method, one must bear in mind the presence of many factors, primarily psychological, creating the opportunity for participants in such an action to feel natural and free. [From the publication]

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