Laws of public governance and administration and trends of governance change in the context of the new public management

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Laws of public governance and administration and trends of governance change in the context of the new public management
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EN1. Laws are a key foundation of democratic governance and economic development in every country. Yet formulating such laws is only half of the puzzle. The other, more challenging, half is ensuring that the legal framework is properly implemented. Major societal stakeholders – the government, the private sector, and the civil society do have significant benefits to realise for implementation of key laws. The state governing (administration) in the broad sense is understood as the activities of all state institutions making organizational impact on public relation, while in the narrow sense it is the administrative activity implementing executive power and procedural activities. According to the conception of the term, it is all state activities organizing state institutions, their relationships and functioning, regulation and management of public relations, public and personal affairs, and the state's organizational and regulatory impact on people's social life. Some theorists define this conception as organizational, executive-procedural activities of state institutions, implemented in accordance with the law. 2. New Public Management (NPM) elements are rather well integrated into the Lithuanian public administration system. Public sector modernization and improvement of management efficiency is a consistent and continuous process involving different areas of public management, social and health care, education and other areas, but according to global practices of public management, this management approach and its individual components have not only advantages but also disadvantages. Public administration tasks require good and obliging services to citizens, effective management of finances, business management experience adaptation, expansion and adaptation of public services to an increasingly segmented society, active cooperation with the communities of the citizens, and active assistance to politics sphere.Concerning theory in modern public governance, the theory of democratization of governance structures, organization activity, of public participating development in all level of public organization is important. Implementing democratization of governance, basically related with political, democratic, and social rights, is citizen participation in decision making, and creating public value mutually. Economic, political (liberty, equality and social security), and legal (the rules and the law) values are of great significance in public governance. 3. Changes in the system of public governance happen due to social changes and their causes, such as civic participation, increasing complexity of administration, social partnership and establishment of networks. All the above require revision of classical administration ideologies and values. The new public management is a set of institutionalised methods of governance, and a system of governance is an outcome of evolution of public administration and processes of globalisation. While democratic activity and general management culture are developing, so are changes in the public sector administration. Due to modern environment of public institutions, public entities must almost immediately adapt to social, economic and technological changes. Good governance provides the basis for efficient markets and effective government service delivery. Thus, appears public sector that is responsive, accountable, capable of promoting economic growth, and addressing complex public policy challenges. Before installing NPM elements in the state of public administration system, it is necessary to take into account the specific state authority or public service specifics. [Extract, p. 209-210]

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