Organizacinės kultūros keitimas: problemos, pokyčių vykdymo mechanizmas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Organizacinės kultūros keitimas: problemos, pokyčių vykdymo mechanizmas
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Changing the organizational culture: problems, the systems of the implementation of changes
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2001, Nr. 1 (14), p. 13-21
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LTStraipsnyje apžvelgta organizacinės kultūros pokyčių svarba organizacijos vystymuisi. Pokyčiai organizacijose vyksta nuolat, jie yra būtini. Tačiau visada atsiranda prieštaraujančių organizacijos pertvarkymui, nes darbuotojai jaučiasi nesaugūs: reikia rizikuoti, o tai prieštarauja jų nusistatymui; jaučia, kad po permainų gali būti nereikalingi; nebus pajėgūs dirbti naujomis sąlygomis; negali ir nenori mokytis bei kita. Straipsnyje aptariamos problemos, kurios iškyla keičiant organizacinę kultūrą, aptariami būdai, kaip kuo mažesnėmis sąnaudomis ją keisti. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe author of the article analyses the importance of changes wich may be successfully implemented only thruogh changing the organizational culture. Investigations of different authors in this sphere are reviewed. Aiming for changes the participation of all the employees is required, besides an accent shall be made on the results, the situation should be useful both to the employees and the organization, including identification or the members of the undertaking with the organization, every changing shall reflect a new culture desired. But the changes in the organizations are not always successful. This process encounters a number of problems: the employees do not respond to the environment and actual events; they are orientated only to short - termed perspectives; the employees are permanently dissatisfied (critical view towards the administration and organization); different requirements to clothing, rituals are applied in the same organization; the most urgent problem is the wish of employees to fight with each other or the administration, including strikes, etc. To avoid these problems various strategies are offered. One of them is strategy of Gibson, Ivancevich, Donnely (1991): explaining the employees the existing organizational culture; creating a vision of a new organizational culture, transformation of such a vision into a variety of ways and actions; involving all the employees into the course of changes; successive co-operation, explanation of benefits of changes; strengthening and stimulating a new organizational culture; permanent support of the higer administration; the development of the social system for new employees to join effectively a new organizational culture; showing more tolerance by every employee. [From the publication]

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